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The Favourites Edition: June 2016

Does anyone else find that you can go weeks without being interested in anything and then suddenly you’re obsessed with everything all at once? I have been loving so many things…

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The YouTube Edition: Q&A Collaboration

Before I get stuck into this post I wanted to firstly thank all of you for the support on my first YouTube video, I’m surprised and flattered by all of…

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The Lifestyle Edition: Düsseldorf, Germany

This time yesterday I was taking in the beautiful scenery of Düsseldorf, Germany and today I’m back at the office staring into my computer screen.. sigh. Although the trip itself…

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It's Emma over email but Ems face-to-face. By title, I'm a writer, photographer, creative, events marketing manager and more importantly rosé drinker. I'm also a daughter, sister, auntie, girlfriend and friend. I overshare and I swear. I have been dedicating my time to this space for four years. Lifestyle topics are my specialty, with a dose of daily fashion thrown in for good measure.

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