This post is eight months in the making! Not because I went to Brighton eight months ago, but because I received my lovely little film camera in February as a gift for Valentine’s and had all good intentions to take it with me to Amsterdam in March. Alas, no Amsterdam and no leaving the house due to old ‘rona. Things luckily started easing up late summer, and so off I went to Brighton with my boyfriend and said film camera.

The camera is an Olympus Trip S 35mm point and shoot film camera. It takes two AA batteries and of course, a 35mm roll of film. It has a flash and three different ISO settings. It’s a nifty little thing. I really wanted something like this for trips and getaways, mainly because my DSLR is so bulky and heavy whereas this is handbag friendly and to be honest, I just the idea of surprise photos. Waiting for these to be developed was like being a kid again and waiting for Christmas.

I hold my hands up, I’m definitely a beginner with this and some photos are funny as hell, so blurry and I’m just like what is that! Imperfect perfect shots I call them. I’m excited to shoot more and more with this camera, it’s so fun. Below are some of my favourite film snaps from Brighton, I hope you enjoy!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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