It’s arrived! My favourite season is now upon us. I think my love for autumn stems from being a Scorpio, although some might say that’s a load of hocus pocus (hehe). Jokes aside, autumn is just one big hug isn’t it? It’s the permission to snuggle up with candles, cheese boards, treats and Halloween films. Whilst I spend the last couple of months of the year living with my parents at home, having a little interior shake-up is just what I need to keep me comfortable. No different to my skincare regime or make-up looks, I really like to switch things up at home too with the change of seasons.

First on the agenda is flowers. I go from fresh to dried during the colder months. My boyfriend, after a lot of nagging, purchased me a bunch of pampas. Such a blogger cliché. He actually did an impressive job because the ones he got me are a lovely nude, almost brown toned which is a perfect contract against my white bedroom walls. He always jokes that my favourite colour is brown but between us, it’s no joke! No doubt you can pick up plenty of bouquets just like this locally, my favourite florist Town Garden in Hitchin, Hertfordshire has some lovely arrangements in at the moment, plus recycled glass vases to pair. So dreamy! The ones here in my black and white Homesense vase are from Amazon (an easy job for under pressure boyfriend with just the click of Prime).

I have been on the hunt for mini pumpkins (or munchkins) for ages now, admittedly I have been driving myself to Aldi every evening in search of them. Last year I picked some up from one of my favourite Hertfordshire hotspots called Hitchin Lavender, known for (as the title suggests) it’s fields of lovely lavender. During autumn they turn the fields into a super popular pumpkin patch but due to the worldwide pandemic, or as I say ‘he who shall not be named’, they aren’t able to do that this year. Boo (pun intended). Aldi will suffice. They just look really cute dotted around the home and give off ultra autumn vibes. If I wasn’t so lazy these days I’d think of a cool Pinterest creation but alas, as they come will do.

It would be unlike me not to include a candle in an interiors post, wouldn’t it? On a very eager September trip to TK Maxx I hunted for some seasonal scented candles. The choice was somewhat limited but I did find this generously sized espresso martini scent from The Fuzzy Duck. It certainly looks the part and I have to say, it does smell really gorgeous. When I light this I get sweet swirls of coffee and vanilla which to me really adds to that cosy feel in the evenings. Sometimes, if I’m in need of a little pick me up then I’ll light this whilst working from home in the afternoons.

This little corner area on my dresser has all come together thanks to a new addition, a stunning framed print from *Photowall (*pr product). With an array of posters, framed prints, canvas prints or wallpaper to choose from, you really will be able to reinvent a space at home without totally blowing your budget. Sometimes, it’s just the most simplistic additions that can give a room a new lease of life. The reason I picked this Lingering Lines framed print was solely down to the colour palette. Once I had my flowers, pumpkins and candles, I just needed something to pull all those colours together. As a seasonal addition it really works, however I know that the colours within the print will work so well in the warmer months too, I can envision this alongside a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers! The print comes in a variety of sizes, I went for the ‘go big or go home’ approach. I was thinking long term too, when I move out next year into a bigger space I could hang this above a desk area or even a sofa. My mum has her eye on this but I have made it clear that in no circumstances will this beauty be left behind!

If something has caught your eye one Photowall, then use my code editionemmagrace25 for 25% off any Photowall products! This code is valid until the end of November 2020.

So there you have it, a little spruce up for autumn! I really love this space. I’ve got my staple decor pieces on my dresser and then I love to play around with textures, earrings or even perfumes to showcase.

What season are you drawn to the most? I’d love to hear from you.

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