I can’t quite believe that we are heading into the colder months already. I had so much hope for the summer of 2020 but alas, it wasn’t quite how I, or I suppose anyone, had really imagined. I am however excited to slowly build my autumnal wardrobe and I am most definitely ready for a pumpkin spice latte.

September calls for a touch of self-care. Although summer wasn’t trips abroad it was still fun and eventful and fast-paced once restrictions here in the UK started to ease up. With that, I’m looking forward to a wholesome September, easing me into (dare I say it) festivities…


I spent the entirety of lockdown avoiding exercise but for the past three weeks I have been attending outdoor yoga classes and wow, what a release! Physically and mentally. Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm are solely for me. I don’t have to worry about work or other personal issues, I can just float away and give my body the peace and love it deserves. I will be continuing this throughout September and I am already booked up for three more classes.

Food and Lifestyle

I’m back working in the office two days a week so I’m balancing that with working from home. It’s all positive and I’m happy to be there, we can only have two people in our office at one time because our particular department is quite small but it’s nice as I am in a bubble with the other female there, so we have no complaints. It’s strange how going from working from home full time to just two days back in the office has thrown out my routine. The first week I was so tired and even making lunch for myself became such a task. My diet took a bit of a turn for the worst in such a short space of time. Now that I am heading into the office again it’s important that I keep on top of things like my routine and my diet. I am going to give allplants a try. It’s a food service that delivers frozen (microwavable) vegan meals that are high in protein but low in sugar. It’s a slightly more expensive way of doing ‘lunches’ but it weighs itself out, not only am I saving myself the time in the week/evenings, I am also still making my own coffees and taking those into work so I am generally saving pretty well month on month.


As I said before, I am really excited to start piecing together my autumnal wardrobe. It’s funny because I started a new job in March 2020, had two weeks of office outfits then was sent to work from home for the foreseeable (ie spend the next four months in ‘comfies’) therefor I just didn’t get the full wear out of the pieces I had already picked up. I am on the hunt for a nude pair of converse, a new go to winter skirt and a total jeans refresh – ideally some smart almost flared black jeans. It’s time to get all autumnal and cute don’t we think? Two of my fave insta gals Noelle and Rachel are already sharing winter and Halloween looks and I’m obsessed!

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