Hey stranger, it’s been a while. Actually, it’s me that has been the stranger. I took a mini step away from the blog and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I just felt like I couldn’t muster up the energy for another ‘camera roll in lockdown’. Repetitive and boring. I figured after two months of the same snaps of wine sessions at home, you started to get the idea. Lockdown, and I mean actually being stuck at home in phase one, became bearable. It was tough but I was lucky enough to be able to work from home (I still am and probably will be throughout summer) and zoom calls with family, friends and the boyfriend became the new normal. As I am writing this, we are just two days away from kick starting phase three of the government road map, meaning that by Saturday all non-essential shops including pubs can open. Our country is starting to open up again and whilst I am personally in no big hurry to get myself down to the pub (wine at home has served me just fine) I am ready for a refresh in July. A little socialising (at a distance).

So with that, I wanted to jot down a July agenda and share it with you. Most people now will be started to think about how they can spend their time safely but also in a smart way. Being outside is good for the soul, seeing friendly faces is good for the soul.

Financial Health Check

July calls for a financial health check. This pandemic has effected everyone in so many different ways. Where certain areas have been a struggle for some, others have experienced a more positive impact. I think for anyone that has been lucky enough to work from home, saving on commuting and travel has been a bonus. It has for me. I started a new job in March, after having freelanced for six months prior (which had so many pros and cons, another story for another day) it was a relief to feel a bit more financially secure again. A set salary, a set schedule. I had two weeks in the office and then we were all sent to work from home, so whilst I am really missing out on that office interaction, I am grateful for a monthly pay check. I am grateful to the company for keeping me on at this uncertain time as it’s an unsure future for so many businesses. This has helped me to plan out the next couple of months; paying off a few things here, playing catch up from late or underpaid freelancing days, saving a little more for a rainy day. In July I will crunch some numbers, get to grips with my finances and really start putting some easy to achieve financial goals in practice for the second half of the year. One of them being debt free – yes I have debts, and another looking to move out on my own again – many lessons learnt from the first time I did this.

Get Creative

As I mentioned, starting a new job is always daunting, even more so when you have to do that from home. In a way, I felt like I had a bit more to prove. Four months, head down, I have my routine pretty much in the bag. So, it’s time to allow myself to start shifting some of my focus onto my creative projects and hobbies again. My blog, my Instagram, my photography and one super small secret side project! More to come on that at some point! As I’m not freelancing anymore and I am back on the 9-5 train, it’s really just the weekends that I have available to crack on with the above. I just didn’t feel like it during lockdown and to be honest I think that’s fair enough. I can’t write, get creative or be expressive when I’m not feeling it, uninspired and too distracted. Creativity comes from feeling good, feeling confident and assured, powerful even and it’s been tough to feel an ounce of those things in such a strange time for everybody. More important things have been on my mind. My priorities were different. So, July calls for creativity. My Instagram has already taking a little bit of an aesthetic turn and with the help of my boyfriend we have been shooting some content that feels so very ‘me’. It’s hard to go against the grain in a creative space but I have really revived my love for all things vintage – in the way I dress and shoot. I hope to continue to experiment and push forward with this.



Me and boyfriend have had to cancel/postpone a lot of our travel plans for the summer. Of course it was unavoidable, uncontrollable. We still have dates in the diary for time to spend together and we are looking into ways of making the most of this situation. It’s unlikely we will be heading abroad this year. We have accepted that and our safety comes first. However, the UK is gorgeous, full of fields, open space, sea air and all sorts. So we are looking into ways of clawing back some of that summer fun, just a bit closer to home then we had thought. We’ve already been able to do some lovely outdoor activities such as strawberry picking and having lazy picnics in our favourite lavender field. We are making do. We are on the hunt for a safe and scenic UK staycation. We’ve spent lockdown apart, which is tough on any relationship. Now that we can lock in our bubble together, it’s time to make some memories and be grateful for what we have got. Cliché as it sounds, they do tell you that the distance makes the heart grow fonder.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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