Alright, so we know this lockdown is super tough when we aren’t seeing our loved ones. Family, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends. I can’t quite believe that because of the lockdown restrictions I have pretty much spent the same amount of time away from my boyfriend this year in comparison to the months we have been able spend together. How is it May and how have I not hugged, kissed (and you know what) in six weeks…

It is really difficult, it’s a real challenge and one that I have accepted. We have been coming up with ways to ‘spend time together’, have remote and video date days and evenings. I wanted to share a few tried and tested, successful ideas with you. After sharing a surprise takeaway idea with my followers on Instagram, which everyone seemed to find totally adorable and inventive, I wanted to give you an insight into lockdown relationships!



Obvious? I don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs but FaceTime is the one way to keep communication strong. I’m also referencing FaceTime over texts because whilst we’re in lockdown, our usual routine flipped on it’s head, the littlest of things can set you off and put you in a bad mood. I know from experience that texts can be interpreted the wrong way. I’ve definitely sent some ‘offish’ messages when I have been in a bad mood and then regretted it. When I’m on FaceTime everything is just way more transparent. It’s softer and kinder, actually. It’s also lovely to see your partners face, check in with them and make sure that they are happy and healthy.

Mobile Games

My boyfriend and I were one step ahead when it came to this as we had already halved a battleships board game. He had one half and I had the other and we would often make time to play this when we were both at home away from one another. We’re both pretty competitive so it usually ends in sulking but it’s fun all the same. Anyway, it’s a little bit late to be doing this now but there are so many games you can download through the app store on your phone and play together. One of our all time favourites is 8 Ball Pool. Don’t tell us we didn’t know how to party! Ha! There are lots of different games you can play such as chess, archery, darts, mini golf. The options are endless. If you don’t feel like chatting away for an hour or so then just pop on a game, it’s a nice way to feel connected without having to indulge in deep conversations. We’re not going anywhere, it’s hard to know what to say that is brand spanking new each day.

Movies and Programmes

Another obvious choice but this is something we have been doing a lot. We have an on-going list of films we’ve been wanting to watch and so we’ve been scheduling time to watch these together. Of course, when I say together, I mean at the same time but separately. No doubt you were perhaps bingeing a TV series already with your partner before lockdown and I recommend you continue to do this, mainly to keep some normality to your relationship. We both wanted to watch the (not so) new Spiderman for a while, so one Friday night we decided to watch it at the same time. Easy! He drank some cider, I had a nice bottle of wine for the occasion. Lovely! You can sit on FaceTime whilst you do this or send each other the odd text throughout, whatever feels right for you. We’ve also done this with various series and programmes on Netflix and we smashed out Afterlife Season 2 one Friday night. Plenty of time on our hands at the moment, so please, don’t feel guilty for doing it.

Unexpected Gestures

As I said before, during lockdown it’s really hard to keep the conversation fresh so it’s even harder to keep that spark there. A little ‘I’m thinking of you’ gesture goes a really long way. Without even discussing it, my boyfriend and I arranged a little delivery to each other one week. We must have both really been feeling it! He sent me flowers and I arranged for a selection of cheeses to be delivered from a local deli. Take the time, the thought and the money (doesn’t have to be anything wild) to do exactly what you would be doing if you could see each other. Clothes shopping? Order them a new t-shirt. Saturday coffee? Send them some delicious ground coffee. Create moments for one another. An unexpected delivery is one way to perk you right up for the week ahead, which are tough enough right now.

Surprise Takeaway

So this is my favourite so far. We were partial to the odd takeaway here and there and we certainly loved going out for dinner! So with that in mind, I suggested that we arrange a takeaway for each other. So we decided to have dinner at the same time one evening, we each placed an order for a takeaway delivery for one another. A complete surprise, we decided not to tell each other what we were picking them. This one was make or break! It’s so lovely to experience and it’s something a little bit different, something exciting. I definitely eagerly anticipated my (contact free) food delivery. I’d say we both nailed this one.

We didn’t agree a budget but interestingly we both spent £22 on the dot. I received a delicious Indian, which I was chuffed with as it’s my favourite type of takeaway. I treated my boyfriend to his favourite Chinese spread, including duck with pancakes, chow mien and chicken wings. I fully recommend a surprise takeaway night, just don’t blame me if they don’t get it right!

I hope this has inspired you to keep things as romantic as possible during this really difficult time.




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