I created a ‘books’ highlight on my Instagram stories because reading is something I have dialed up during lockdown. I love getting lost in a good book anyway, I always have but even more so being at home. For me, it’s a form of escapism. If the news gets too much, the media is overbearing or my own thoughts and anxiety go into overdrive, then I read for a book. I’m working from home at the moment and have been since about a week before the lockdown within the UK was announced. It’s strange because I had just come out of self-employment after doing that for six months, two weeks into a brand new job in a new office with a new team and then pow, back home I go. So, I’m pretty equipped when it comes to working from home. When the day ends and the laptop is closed a little digital detox to start the evening is always a winner for me. I read in my room, in the garden if it’s sunny, in the bathtub, I’d read in my car if I had to, anywhere I can just zone out and get to grips with a good story line.

So I’m onto my third book in six weeks, which is fairly good going I think. So here we go, let’s kick off my reading roundup.

Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce. 

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. What started off as an easy-going ‘day in the life of’ a career driven woman, turned into something a little more sinister with lots of twists and turns. It was a page turner and I found it hard to put down, I wanted to continue reading this one in big chunks. It was made up of lots of drama and covered topics such as; relationships, sex, alcoholism, family life, affairs and domestic abuse. Sounds deep, however the story was told so well that nothing felt too triggering, if that’s what you might worry about. I think it’s only fair to call this a fictional thriller. What I really liked is how Harriet molded and built the characters in marmite. I think everyone would read this book differently and form different opinions on each character. A controversial story line and unexpected moments, to be honest an unexpected ending. I would give this book a solid 8/10 because it was full of drama, it was the opposite of lukewarm.

In At The Deep End by Kate Davies. 

So I sort of thought this would be a feel-good, fun and low-key book about dating. It was all of that, however what I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming and graphic lesbian sex scenes. Nothing of which I am offended by, might I add, I was just a bit like… whoa, where did that come from. If you don’t feel like that would put you off then what I will say is this book is smutty, clever and full of energy. It’s actually a really solid take on finding yourself throughout your twenties and I fully appreciate the honesty spoken about when it comes to new relationships. It covers controlling matters in relationships which was interesting and I respected that. The chapters were really short and choppy, so I found myself putting this book down a lot but I always went back to it. The story line had grit and that’s what I really liked. Friendships, career and relationships were the theme for this book. A 7/10 from me for this one.

The next book on the cards is The Flat Share by Beth O’ Leary and this has been on my reading wish list for a while so I’m excited for this one. If you’re looking for some other reading recommendations then check out a recent blog post here, where I talk about my love for Sally Rooney. Normal People and Conversations With Friends are my top two favourite books, maybe ever. All the feels for these two. Also, if you loved Normal People, then don’t miss the series on BBC based on the book itself. I’m hooked! Totally hooked.

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