March brings a lot of ‘new’ into my life along with some really fun things, included a not-so surprise trip to Amsterdam! With that, I wanted to put pen to paper (digitally, of course) and jot down a few March goals, thoughts and feelings.


I felt like a very lucky lady in February, I have to say. My boyfriend got me a vintage film camera for valentines. It’s an Olympus Trip 300 35mm point and shoot. I was saying to my boyfriend that one of the reasons I had gone off Instagram a little bit was because of the ‘staged’ side of it all. Admittedly, we would go out with my DSLR and take some shots for the gram. If I think about why this has become such a thing then it makes my head hurt a little bit. It just is, we do it, us bloggers. I love photography and my DLSR is amazing for for my photography projects, the weddings I shoot, the businesses I work with but I am going off the idea of street style staged shoots. I just am. I have always had an intrigue with film photography, the way it looks, the surprise you get when you have everything developed. It’s a really traditional approach to photography and I adore that. So, expect a lot more film related blog posts and Instagram content because I can be much more ‘in the moment’ when I’ve got this beauty in my bag.

I went against the grain and cancelled my gym membership in 2020. Shocking! I just didn’t use it as much as I thought I would do. I enjoy exercise but more for the sake of my mind than my body. Working out really helps with my mental health and whilst that’s been a little bit all over the shop, I am seeking a new way to get fulfilment out of exercise again. I am on the hunt for some yoga classes, or a group activity that I will really enjoy going to. Once the weather perks up I think this will make me feel more productive in the evenings because at the moment, it’s fair to say I am definitely not.

As I said, there is a trip on the cards for March. I am taking my boyfriend to Amsterdam for his birthday. Girlfriend points achieved. He knows we are going, it was too hard to keep it a surprise! This will be our second trip abroad together, as you know we went to Lloret De Mar last year (catch-up on that here) and we are already planning our next big summer holiday for this year. I have been to Amsterdam once but I have already put a mini itinerary together for this trip but my main goal is to run around the city and have an absolute blast with my boyfriend. Relationships require work and as I said with my mental health giving me a bit of a hard time this year, my boyfriend has really put in the hours to support me with that. It’s time for heaps of fun together. Expect a lovely little ‘all about Amsterdam’ blog post in April no doubt… possibly in film, too!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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