I have had some interesting brand proposals over the last 3-4 years of blogging away. Drain unblocker, diet pills, vagina perfume.. to name a few. It’s such an overwhelming experience when you first put ‘pen to paper’ so to speak, open up an Instagram account and throw up some pretty pictures, before you know it the free gifts come flooding in. It sounds like I’m boasting but it isn’t that difficult in our generation to be open and available to all these ‘amazing’ brand collaborations. Okay, here’s the thing, there is a big difference between creating a relationship with a brand and accepting a free shampoo month after month. I think gifting opportunities can turn into something so much more, a mutually beneficial relationship, however it is really important, I think, to be careful and strict with what kind of PR gifts you accept. I think if you say yes to everything, you loose some (sometimes all) of your authenticity. Safe to say I said no to the diet pills, even though the brand were offering me £100 to talk about them on my social channels. If it isn’t in line with my interests, my brand, more importantly my morals, then I stay clear. I have always said, if it isn’t something you wouldn’t spend your own money on, then it’s not for you.

So what PR products are worth the hype? I love to initially share a few bits and bobs that I have received and then give them a good go before I talk about them again to my readers/followers. The last thing I want is to promote something that frankly is a bit naff.


I started building a relationship with the girls at Dermalogica last summer. They sent me an introductory package with their hero skincare products and I gave them a whirl. Dedicating at least 6 weeks to trying them out was an important first step for me because you never know when it comes to skincare. Skincare is all very relative and if some of the products didn’t work for me, they may for others. You can only try with these things. I used the products solely for about 5/6 weeks which is the right amount of time for your skin to adjust to it’s new regime. Nothing is going to work overnight and your lifestyle will still always have affect on your skin too. I first gave Dermalogica a bit of limelight on my blog in October. You can catch that here. Remember when I said that I ask myself ‘would I buy these products with my own money?’. The answer is a firm yes. Adding a few more products into the mix seasonally was a good way to build up my own Dermalogica regime. The team are always so great at keeping in touch, asking me what is working and what isn’t, along with giving me extra tips and tricks.


What’s my skin type? I am what you would call combination to oily skin. I am prone to hormonal break outs and I do have somewhat sensitive skin, which is why I am always so reserved as to what I put on my face. My skin reacts in a bad way to cheap, nasty products. The reason why Dermalogica has become such a favourite brand of mine is because the products are full of good quality ingredients. I use the word ‘full’ here, because so many skincare brands boast that they have this too, when really they have just a fraction of that hero ingredient and then fill the rest up with cheap, excuse my french, shite! Similarly, it’s why I love The Ordinary, because they only charge you for what you are buying, that key ingredient.


A couple of my favourite Dermalogica products are the PreCleanse Oil Busting Emulsifier and the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. The PreCleanse is an oil to milk product that melts away excess oil. The perfect product for me! As part of a double cleanse routine, I find that my skin feels so clean and fresh after using this. It’s also fantastic at properly removing mascara – even waterproof! The Daily Microfoliant is an award-winning product. Packed with salicylic acid and rice enzymes to polish the skin gently. None of this hard scrubbing. The products come in full size and handy little travel mini’s and I have both! A great way not to compromise your all important skincare regime on trips away.

B Products

A somewhat controversial product came into my hands around 6 weeks ago and that’s the B Sleepy (1000mg Full Spectrum CBD). A product that you swallow via a pipette dropper, you use this around 30 minutes before you’re about to settle down for bed. The product contains CBD, MCT oil, Vitamin C, Lavender, Turmeric and many more incredible ingredients. Similarly to the above I had to trial this for a few weeks before I could give my honest review. I don’t know what it is but last year I really struggled to get up in the morning. It’s like I was more than tired, maybe exhausted, but I felt really groggy. Using B Sleepy really helped with that. B Sleepy claims to help you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep for longer and reduce that groggy morning feeling. The CBD targets emotional and physical roots of sleepiness, rather than acting like a sedative, which some products do but then of course still leave you feeling not great in the morning. I have had a really good experience with this product. I will link the Instagram here so that you can learn some more for yourself.


*Although all products mentioned have been gifted within this post, I have not been paid to speak about them and I have no obligation to post, they are opinions of my own*

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