Resolutions are something that I have always tried to set into place, convincing myself that I am making some sort of oath by committing to these goals for the year ahead. The truth is, life changes, circumstances constantly change and the whole year just ebbs and flows in its own natural way. So, whilst setting goals and resolutions feels like the right thing to do, a positive way to start a new year, it’s a tradition that we all feel a little too accustomed to.

Looking back on previous resolutions that I have made, generally, they have sort of all been the same. Drink more water, take more supplements, do more yoga, no phones at bedtime, and so on. Yawn! Always along the same lines. I even curated a post about ‘realistic’ resolutions in 2018. But really, are any of them that realistic? I just feel that if you are making small positive changes throughout not just the year ahead but your life and your future in general, then you’re on the right track, aren’t you?

‘2019 took so many twists and turns for me that attempting to stick to a regimented path became more and more unrealistic’.


Do I want to make changes for 2020? Not per say, let’s call them improvements. Sounds much kinder. The start of this year has been a super slow one for me and I have accepted that’s totally fine. Whilst everyone is moving at the speed of light and going full steam ahead, I have chosen to hold back a little. Being in the thirty club probably has something to do with this, ‘snapping back’ seems somewhat more exhausting these days. The latter of 2019 took on a whole new challenge for me and that being the jump over self-employment. I spilt all the tea on that here, if you fancy a snoop. From September to December my main focus was making that work for me, dealing with the anxiety (and excitement) that comes along with a giant leap like that, I got my head down and recruited four clients all whilst side hustling and still working on my socials and gaining paid Instagram work. I think the reason why January has been a slower start for me is because I feel more tired than I ever have. The end part of last year wasn’t easy be any means, career wise and with that financially, I had to make some sacrifices, yet strangely enough it was the happiest I have ever been. It’s true what they say, that if you want something then you really do have to go out and get it yourself. I guess because of that I’m rewarding myself with a little peace and quiet for now.

My priorities have been more about showering and getting a food shop done. You’ve got to start somewhere, right? Whilst I went ‘back to work’ on 2nd January, I spent those two days working from home. Most of my freelance work can be done remotely and it’s just the one client that I visit a couple of days a week to work from their business. The flexibility works for me and I can switch things up week on week but because I was so set on smashing out the introductory work to secure these clients, I ended up becoming a bit of a hermit on the days that I had a chance to be that little more flexible. Favouring working from my bed, something I don’t recommend at all. Call it a resolution if you wish but I guess one thing I want to do more this year is to get out of the house on days when I can. Find myself a cosy little coffee shop so that I can hot desk. I said this to my boyfriend recently and hot desk is his new favourite word now. I’ll get a morning text along the lines of ‘hot desking today babe?’. If anything, I appreciate the nudge. It seems like such a small thing but when you generally work alone, that’s exactly how you feel, alone. Nobody to bounce ideas off. When everyone starting have their Christmas parties last year, I was like oh, okay I don’t have that now. It’s nice to be in a social space, it really does make you that more motivated. I have whipped up this post just by sitting in Costa this morning. A little bit of contact with the people around me, simply a smile and a short hello. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip either, by any means, for my birthday and Christmas I received coffee vouchers which is great because it won’t cost me a penny for a while. Even if I just make sure I do this once a week when my schedule allows me, will give me a sense of feeling like I have got my ass out of the house. I’d also like to meet like minded freelancers and hit up some exhibitions and business talks.

Other small thoughts and feelings about the year ahead are to continue to cherish my little circle of people I have around me. It took a while, but we got here eventually. My small but strong family, my lovely loyal friends and last but never least my adorable boyfriend. He and I have some exciting plans for the year ahead, places we want to see and things we want to do together. It’s a real joy to be in a relationship that just compliments your life like that.

So, there you have it a far from cliché post about resolutions, or lack of in my case.

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