I think the proof of getting old is hanging up the slutty ‘tits and bits’ attire. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always hold some love for a skimpy little number, I’m also NOT hanging up the dancing shoes just yet, don’t you be worrying about that. I’m a legs kind of girl, any excuse to get the tatts out, but lately I have been experimenting with a tamed down, dressed up approach. Is there such thing? Well, I’ve put together an alternative option to festive wear in the form of statement trousers and the polka blouse of the moment. Who doesn’t own one of these organza babies?

When the time comes to put together an evening outfit, for whatever that may be, food, drinks, or both, I have the same argument in my head; cool or attractive? Because, sometimes the cooler outfits aren’t deemed as ‘sexy’. It’s true. When I look for outfit inspiration, I’m drawn most to vintage looks, polka dots, velvet, even flares, and whilst this all sounds so fashionably cool, it isn’t always the most eye-catching option, if you catch my drift. However, I have never been one to conform and my general wardrobe has consisted of it all; cool, drab, oversized, sexy, pvc, slutty… there’s no avenue I won’t go. There is something to be said, though, for a female feeling fully empowered in what she’s wearing, whatever ‘label’ that falls into. I’ve blogged similar topics many times, which you can read here and here.

To me, feeling confident means more than the clothes (or lack of) on your back. Wearing something that makes you feel like ‘you’ is key. I also think by doing that, it attracts the right kind of attention. We’ve all been there, haven’t we, when it’s not quite been the case.


Story time! Luckily for me, wearing exactly what made me feel myself lead me to meeting my boyfriend. A plain white t-shirt, a supermarket woolen wrap skirt and some thick chunky boots, in addition, lashings of eyeliner and a bold red lip. That’s quite a classic outfit for me and it attracted the attention that I wanted. Not because of the outfit but because I felt good in it. I was smiling, laughing, dancing. That’s the appeal. The skirt was a bargain £9 purchase from Asda, it’s now been renamed ‘the sexy skirt’ by said boyfriend.

It’s a similar story with the outfit featured within this post. The trousers are a supermarket purchase and I have already got my worth out of them. I wear them to work, for meetings, for drinks, for photoshoots (ha). They can be worn with jumpers, blouses, bodysuits, with boots, with heels, with belts or without. I adore the colour, they are well fitting, they give the illusion of extra leg length, something I’m always desperate for, and most importantly they make me feel good about myself. It’s funny how a piece of clothing can affect your mood, isn’t it? I don’t mean that in a material sense, it’s a confidence thing. A confidence boost from a piece of clothing is no different to how you do your hair on any particular day, how your make-up looks, if you’re having a good or bad skin day, having a good ‘outfit’ day can do wonders for your self-esteem. Why should that ever be a bad thing?

The next time you have a little browse in your wardrobe, through the high street pieces, designer purchases, second-hand gems and supermarket bargains, whatever your collection is made up of, just make sure that each piece makes you feel like you. It’s cliché as hell, I know, but it can make all the difference.

All photos are by Stacey White Photography.

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