As my mum has always said, a spot of fresh air blows the cobwebs away and a trip to Wales certainly did that. I didn’t know that blustery beach fronts were a favourite of mine until a recent trip to Wales. We made a pit stop at Portishead Marina along the way and I fell a little bit in love with the abandoned beaches. Me, my boyfriend, the sea air and the odd dog walker – dreamy!

With that visit fresh in my mind, so to speak, I wanted to put pen to paper (in digital form, of course) and jot down some winter wishes for the next season ahead.

‘Less is more’.

More memories. Turning 30 this week was a really special moment for me. Experiencing genuine care and love from my family, friends and boyfriend was something that I wholeheartedly appreciated. I feel like I have got to a place in my life where I have this little but solid unit of people around me. My family is super small now, we have lost so many loved ones but watching my nieces bring this new lease of life into our home is something that I am so grateful to see and experience. I’m looking forward to celebrating even more so with everyone this weekend, featuring bubbles and dancing!

Less stress. I’m a little overwhelmed by the response to my latest blog post, which you can catch up on here. Knowing that so many people struggle within their working environment for whatever reason is hard to hear, it’s a place I have been so many times. I have committed myself to smart working. Working hard but not over working myself. Giving myself boundaries and being firm with those. Now that I’m self-employed I also want to concentrate on the balance between what’s work and what’s my time. Forcing myself to take a digital detox in the evening and allowing myself time to wind down (she says, writing this post at 7.20pm). I think it’s key to make that a must.

Realistic decisions. This comes down to so many aspects of my life; work, personal, financial etc. I put my own hands up when it comes to going a little bit overboard with my decisions, going above and beyond on so many levels. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but with Christmas on the horizon, that comes with pressure and expectations. My one wish, or promise, is not to get swept up into too much of the extravagance of Christmas. Exactly as above; more memories, less stress. I won’t be going wild with gifts, but I will be diving into quality time and old, even new traditions with loved ones.

Oh, and if you hadn’t have guessed already, I wish for more beach walks!


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