‘I feel fall in the air’

Did you feel it? That chill in the air the other morning? I could almost taste sweet pumpkin spiced latte.

Not quite thick knit season, just yet, and I didn’t want to splurge on Autumnal pieces, it didn’t feel right (and way too soon) so I pulled a little layering technique together. Reaching for my ‘all seasons’ pinafore, which I have said before, goes into the charity pile and always makes it’s way back into my wardrobe, I managed to the ideal transitional outfit. I don’t know about you, but I always end up feeling chilly on the top but not so much on the bottom half. When the sun goes into the clouds and there’s a chill in the air my legs can take it but my chest can’t and I definitely get a case of goosebumps. It’s that strange half and half weather where sunglasses still look cool but tights would be too much.

I paired a fairy thick rolled neck bodycon with my all time favourite pinafore and shoved on a pair of battered converse, just to give a less ‘polished look’. I think if you could define my style that would be it… less polished. It was comfortable, stylish, warm yet just airy enough! As I said, it was half and half. Is this a trend?! The half and half…


It was actually the outfit perfect for a cloudy afternoon cider tasting in my hometown! I’m such a Hertfordshire cliche!

I think another way to sway towards a transitional look when the sunshine isn’t playing ball, is to simply work with a colour palette. Forget neon and floral prints, just work a few dusty tones into your outfit. It says Autumn and transition without even doing much, and not spending a penny. Other pieces that would help to create a look that jumps in between seasons are biker jackets, fedora hats and dungarees. I have also just noticed that I don’t own any of these items. Off to get ordering!


Transitional Lust List


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