It’s Wednesday and for some, a humpday, which never sounds good. But, for me, my week only just kick-started. Monday and Tuesday were spent at home content creating for a new job, one of which I officially started today with a commute into London. You may be scratching your head a little, thinking didn’t she work in London before? And wasn’t she at a fairly new job, too. Yes, and yes. I really need to get you up to speed with my life and the many changes within it. I’ve got tea to spill, but that tea is brewing for another day. I need a moment for myself, to gather my thoughts and then update you with all my chops and changes. Everything has been happening at a rapid rate. For now, I’m going with the momentum. It’s the only way I know how.

So, this commute in London is different to the one before, in that a) I’m not driving and b) the location is way more central. Plenty of opportunities for after work events, plenty of opportunities for evening wine Wednesdays (I’m making this a thing) and even better, a hands free commute. Today I gifted myself the pleasure of 30 minutes of reading time. I felt like this was my wind down after the hustle and bustle of Baker Street and the many introductory meetings at work that makes your mind race more than what it’s used to. Knowing I had this commute coming up, a Sunday stroll around town lead me into Waterstones for some light, travelling material.


Work Like A Woman; Mary Portas 

I’ve done this the opposite way around, but the reason I decided to pick this up is because I’m currently listening to her podcast. I’ve got myself through four of the episodes. After episode one, I was filled with confidence, self-respect and a new found passion for equality within the workplace. Something I had honestly never really thought of before. I genuinely feel like this podcast gave me the insight I needed to change my own working habits. In a way that I knew I wanted more, deserved more. I know that sounds crazy, but it truly is inspiring. The book is just the same. Putting aside the sheer dedication Mary has to helping, guiding and leading women to a better working rights, it just opens up your eyes to what life is all about. Reading about her story and her rise in her own career, admitting to knowing fuck all about business yet learning it along the way. Working hard to play hard. Oozing creativity and standing her ground with that, not letting anyone diminish her fire. It’s not just about working for strong women, it’s about working for powerful people. Compassionate people. I am falling in love with this book page by page, and it’s certainly geeing me up, just as I need it as I start a new chapter in my career. Highly, highly recommended. I’ll have this one finished by Friday.

Conversations With Friends; Sally Rooney

I have heard mixed reviews about the Sally Rooney books. Some are just plain no, not good, yet when I read some other reviews, they included ‘five stars, can’t stop thinking about this book’. I am definitely a ‘can’t stop thinking about it’ type of girl, so I’m intrigued. I also have high expectations for the writing and Sally’s style in that, as this is something else that cropped us as a big thumbs up. Have you read this one? I think I’ll make this post, ‘a commuters read’ a regular post around here and I can insert a recap blurb on the previous reads and let you know my thoughts.

With a summer long stint on the cards (and more, I hope) I am adding more books to the wish list each day. Recommendations welcome, here’s what’s coming up so far;

The Mars Room; Rachel Kushner

The Flat Share; Beth O’Leary

Normal People; Sally Rooney

Everything I Know About Love; Dolly Alderton 

The Cactus; Sarah Haywood 

The Lido; Libby Page 

Crazy Rich Asians; Kevin Kwan

The Water Cure; Sophie Mackintosh

Commuter Essentials

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