When I want to impulsively pick up the camera and shoot something quick on the spot that comes to mind, most of the time, I’m always pleased by the result. That’s exactly what happened with these shots. Of course, I recruited my boyfriend to help me out with this. Now I tried to give him a brief, I tried to explain my ‘vision’ but he was having none of it! ‘I know what I need to do’ he protested. Snapping away, getting those angles, he’s quite the cameraman these days.

Anyway, here it is. Just a few of my favourite things…

Freddie’s Flowers


Peeps, it’s peony season. Like you didn’t know already? Bouquet after pink bouquet. This shouldn’t be new news, Instagram would have told you that. Like a moth to a flame, I actually signed up to Freddie’s Flowers about two months back. I was at the Country Living Spring Fair in London at Ally Pally when I spotted the famous Freddie’s Flowers bike on their stand, draped and drenched in utterly gorgeous greenery. Being the sucker that I am, I had already signed up to another flower company at the show prior to passing Freddie’s stall. They saw me coming, didn’t they? Alas, when it came to d-day, Freddie’s Flowers came out on top. Bloomin’ beautiful bouquets, reasonably priced and best of all, savvy sustainable packaging (which they collect and reuse by their own delivery men). Impressed, very impressed. My boyfriend knows not to get me flowers anymore because I’m just too picky – an honest admission from me. A subscription is the best way to manage my floral addiction. I have mine set up for roughly every six weeks, so it’s a little treat here and there. Flowers honestly brighten up the room and my mood. They will always feel like a special purchase. Sometimes I’ll pause my delivery a little longer, sometimes I might let it roll. The best thing about managing your own, is that you don’t feel pressured to do it every week. Financially, it’s not an option. As I said, it is a real treat. Plus, they always make for really great Instagram pictures, right?

Replay Signature Scent

This new fragrance that made it’s way through my door and it really caught my eye – perfect for my current Instagram feed. Don’t roll your eyes! If it’s good for Instagram, it’s good for me. No, but genuinely, this fragrance is adorable. Like really adorable. As I have just gushed about flowers it would be rude not to note the pretty petal design on this bottle. The baby blue, if you couldn’t tell already, pleased me because it’s a colour that I’m just so into at the moment. Okay, okay, enough about the aesthetics. The scent is also just lovely. Subtle, but lovely. Top notes of pear and bergamot, middle notes of freesia and orange blossom with base notes of vanilla and white musk. It’s gentle and light but with a little punch of heat that lingers with the musk. It’s an early evening scent. A sunset kiss scent. A glass of red with friends scent. It doesn’t want center of attention. It wants to compliment, with just the right amount. This will quickly become my every other day scent. It takes pride of place on my dresser, next to my bunch of Freddie’s Flowers, naturally.



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