‘Bath is just yellow buildings and a lot of rocks’  a rave review of Bath from my boyfriend. Luckily, he’s not writing this post and I have a lot more to tell you about it. A little more detail from me, that’s for sure. I love (and I do) drag him to places, taking him around to see the sights. Don’t worry, he did get a fancy burger in, so he was completely satisfied. As was I, because Bath is pretty much an Instagrammers dream. The pretty cobbled streets and historical buildings definitely drew me in – and my camera! There is definitely a rich culture and heritage cemented in the city and there is plenty to see. We traveled down early in the morning, spent the whole day exploring, checked ourselves into a hotel to rest our feet from all the walking and then treated ourselves to dinner out in town, back to the hotel to sink into a very ‘on trend’ four-poster bed. I just love little hotel staycations, a moment away from reality, they’re just my favourite!

So I’ll list my favourite discovered spots, sights and places to eat and drink (and shop!).

The Roman Baths

Top of the list for me! My boyfriend is right in that there is a lot of rocks to see here. A lot of rocks. But, if you can get past that, there is a whole heap of history here too. It is a well-preserved Roman site once used for public bathing. With it’s own story to tell, you can either go on a guided tour (very school trip) or just walk at your own pace, which we did. There is plenty of signage and information to give you all the facts. You have the main Roman Bath House which is just a vision, a little sacred spring which bubbles away in a secret little spot, there is even a museum with plenty of salvaged original pieces to see such as jewellery and pottery. This is a classic one for the gram and I just couldn’t resist a snap. My friend Ben inspired my visit here and managed to get the coolest shot with no-one around, that was never going to happen for us – it was packed out with tourists and many selfie’s were taken (don’t worry, not by us).

Bath Abbey

A beautiful parish Church. It’s worth a visit inside because it is stunning. It’s so tall and decorative, with original painted glass panels. Respectfully you’re not really allowed to take photos in here. When we went inside there was a choir in full swing, it was lovely. We had a moment to watch, we then lit a candle and made our way outside. It doesn’t take up a lot of time if it’s not your thing but all the same, totally worth a peep.

Pulteney Bridge

A famous part of Bath with it’s sweeping horseshoe-weir. It gives a stunning view of the city in a few different angles. Visually it’s a real feature and it’s very calming and serene. I did love this one, and we just stood and watched the water trickle away for a while, whilst we decided our next snack stop. Speaking of that…

Food & Drink

We went into the Roman Baths Kitchen for a spot of lunch. This was burger time for Alex. I had a sandwich with chips and a glass of red. Although, considering this was the recommended restaurant next to The Roman Baths, I expected more. It was average at best. I wasn’t impressed with the glassware; I have a thing about wine glasses – the wine was £9 but the glass was Ikea standard. The meal was overpriced for what it was and Alex’s burger bun was enormously large in comparison to the actual meat inside. However, it was a moment to rest our feet. When we knew we were going to Bath, being the organised freak that I am, I made reservations in advance for dinner, so at least that was sorted, I asked Alex what we wanted and he responded with ‘Chinese’. Initially, a joke (I assumed) but I did have a little scroll on Google. Anyway, there was a highly rated Chinese restaurant and I’m so glad he did joke about it because we went there and it was so delicious. Peking Restaurant was so tasty, incredibly well cooked and unbelievable reasonable. Five stars from us! We left with big full bellies.


There is your ‘usual’ city shopping center full of the high street suspects. It does make it the best of both worlds. There are also some really lovely vintage shops full of clothes and interiors. There is even a very old school indoor market hall with a butchers and cheese stall. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anything. I did stop for an early afternoon coffee, I can’t remember the name of the place, but there are plenty of coffee bars and cafés to choose from.


Bath reminds me of Cambridge but on a bigger scale. I think you can definitely get around the hot spots in a day but for us it was a 2hr 30min drive so a hotel seemed like the best option. Plus, it’s a treat. I would highly recommend a visit, and I know we missed out on the Thermal Spa, if we were staying for longer I’m sure we would have found ourselves here too.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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