It’s time for a little catch-up, in the form of my monthly camera roll post. I love doing these, candid little snapshots stored on my phone to remind me of what I’ve been up to lately. What have I been up to, you ask? March was lovely actually, you’ll know that a London staycation was a real highlight for me, and I popped up a hotel review here. I’ve been getting to grips with a new job which is always exciting and daunting at once. Luckily for me, it’s closer to home and so my commute has been slashed. Welcoming work/life balance again, something I was starting to think I would never be again to regain.

There has been a lot of illness floating about and myself, most of my family and my boyfriend have been plagued with the lurgy. Because of this, I have spent a few weekends curled up with tea and films. But, I did manage to pull myself out of bed for a trip to a gorgeous boutique cafe in St Albans, you’ve probably seen it slapped all over my Instagram. I’ll be putting a post together on that soon because I’m due to host a blogger brunch there for my fellow Hertfordshire creatives!

Anyway, here’s what you’re here for, the piccies!




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