You know those moments in life that happen and you just think, am I dreaming? We’ve all been there. A little unexpected but greatly appreciated pinch of goodness. The world rewarding you with some sort of ‘pay it forward’ scheme. We need more of this.

This happened recently on a trip to London for a hotel stay at The Half Moon Pub with my boyfriend. It was a Christmas/Birthday treat in one. Dinner, drinks, a gig and a fancy pants hotel. My favourite kind of trip, to be honest. The hotel was incredibly fancy pants actually. A little boutique spot in Herne Hill. Of course, I had only booked up one of the small, still relatively expensive rooms. We were there for the one night and most of that spent out on the tiles so I wasn’t too fussed on the room size, we just needed a space to hit the hay after dancing all night at the concert (I did all the dancing, my boyfriend not so much, a little head bobbing at best). Upon arrival we were greeted by a lovely lady, Ann-Marie,  she had a big beaming smile (makes all the difference ya know) and then proceeded to tell us that she had upgraded our room to the master suite. I repeat, THE MASTER SUITE. I acted surprised but deep down I was ready to burst. I was trying to play it cool. I already knew every inch of what this suite looked like because of my fantastic online photographic memory. I had pined over this room when I was booking. It was a pipe dream, one I didn’t expect to come true.


The pictures don’t do this room justice. It was just perfect. Stating the obvious, the interiors were incredible, multiple fireplaces, a bespoke astronomy feature wall!! There was a gold free standing bathtub, that in particular I became very fond of in the time we spent here. Que Pinterest inspired ‘hair hanging over the bath’ photo. Big kudos to the boyfriend for nailing that one. Don’t worry, he got to have a dip too! The attention to detail with everything was just bloody lovely, not to mention all the extras like the coffee machine and bath robes. Waking up to that in the morning was total bliss.


After an intial wow moment, doing the rounds, touching each little ornament, admiring the slide up tv at the end of the bed (easily pleased us two) we had left ourselves an hour or so until dinner so we popped downstairs to the bar to grab a little get ready tipple. I was recommended a lovely french wine, Etoile de Mer Rosé. It hit the spot. We took our drinks back up to the room and had a dip in the tub. We had the luxury of two baths that weekend, one in the morning also. We tested out the shower too. Think of that what you will. There was a super cool Marshall speaker in the room too which we blasted whilst getting ready to go out to our gig. It was a fab little pre-party just us two, in our own play pretend mansion.


This whole experience made our night. It was the cherry on top of something we had been looking forward too for a while. Quality time for two. You just can’t beat it. Just thinking of that weekend whilst putting this together makes me smile.

I can’t recommend the accommodation here enough, if you’re ever attending a concert at Brixton Academy then this place is a stones throw. I will be coming back here, and that’s a promise. I’ll also upload a few more pics on the next Monthly Camera Roll post to keep your eyes peeled for that one in the next week or so.

Thanks for sticking around guys, and let me know if you’ll be staying here too!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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