Well, it feels like it has been a roller coaster few weeks, even months I would say. I really haven’t had much stability or routine and I think a lot of the decisions I have been making have been pretty big ones. It has felt a little daunting and that comes with it’s stresses, emotionally and financially. For me, March finally brings that light I have been waiting for at the end of the tunnel. I’m finally started to feel settled and assured in the decisions I have been making.


January through to February always feels a little ‘meh’ anyway. Low moods after Christmas. You kind of just want to be done with it and have those months flash past you. I definitely wanted that but unfortunately I had some things I needed to sort first. You might have guessed, if you follow me over on Instagram, that I have been enjoying the role ‘lady of leisure’ recently. This is because I decided it was time to change careers. I decided to leave the company I was working for, having been with them almost three years and start a brand new chapter. Luckily for me, this chapter resides much closer to home. It’s time for some work/life balance and let me tell you, I am soooo here for that. So much of my struggles came from juggling too many things at once, badly, and I had to do this because there was little time for me left after such a long day of commuting and working. Working really hard, might I add. It became a viscous cycle and one I knew deep down I had to end. So, my career takes a turn and I start a brand new job this month and I have to say, I’m really bloody happy about it. That for me is an instant mood booster. A big fat perk that comes with the month of March.

Although starting a new job comes with it’s pressures too, it’s not all work, work, work. March brings a lot of fun and some moments to really let my hair down, post big life lessons! We’ve just celebrated my boyfriends birthday and those celebrations continue with a trip to London. It’s a Christmas/Birthday mix of a rather lovely hotel staycation, dinner with drinks and a concert. We are going to see my newly discovered, favourite band of 2018, LANY. A band right up my street. They create beautiful music. A kind of upbeat, heartbreak, pop punk kind of vibe. It’s also the band I started listening to when I met my boyfriend so it all feels really sentimental to us. Interestingly, I purchased the tickets as a Christmas gift before we were even official. Cocky or crazy, you tell me!

With a little down time in between jobs I have been able to reignite my love for creating content. I’ve kept up with blog posts, Instagram posts and generally just putting myself out there again. Content changes, evolves and improves always. Just one week to another can make a total difference in what you create and put out there. More than ever I feel supported by the people around me with whole ‘blogging thang’ and I think that’s a big part to play when putting your persona online. Being comfortable in who you are only helps you to produce the kind of content and visuals you are proud of. I imagine things will settle a little, once I start my new job but I’m determined to keep going. It’s funny, I was asked at interview stage, how do I write, as in how do I find the topics and the words? It’s funny really, because sometimes I think I’m done, I’m out, there’s no juice left, yet when I open the laptop, it’s crazy how there’s so much more in there. A 1000 worded blog post is whipped together before I know it. Love to talk this one. Love to talk!

Something else I’m really looking forward to in March is treating my mum to some ‘us time’. I have a surprise (don’t worry, she doesn’t really read these) afternoon tea scheduled in for us. Following on from my post about grief and how tough it’s been for us all but mainly my mum, I wanted to give her a special treat. We love little coffee dates and chit chats. She’s just the best and it’s important to me that she knows this, always.

I’ve also had a little ‘forward planning moment’ and although we are only in March I have started scheduling in a few little trips here and there throughout the year. A girly trip to Paris is most certainly on the cards. A place I have been to before but didn’t quite have the time I wanted to explore. I missed out on a trip there last year. Anyway, these things happend. Yet to agree on something abroad but my boyfriend and I are going to stay in Bath in May and we’ve made a booking at a gorgeous hotel. Recommendations highly welcome for places to eat, drink and generally visit. Any cool spots for some outfit shots? I know it’s a ‘staycation’ but you’ve gotta make the most of it, right?

How lovely of you to drop by!

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