It’s funny to title this as a spring update, at the very beginning of March but hey, this little sprinkling of sunshine has given us all some strong spring vibes, right? (plus that means we’re closer to Easter egg season). I ordered my first iced latte the other weekend and it definitely ‘hit the spot’. It made me crave getting into the swing of summer. So much so, I decided to plan a whole weekend stay in Bath with my boyfriend in a few months time. Sunshine just does great things, doesn’t it? With that said, I popped into Primark for a little fashion refresh.

It feels like the right time to slowly start transitioning the winter wardrobe into something a little lighter on the shoulders. i.e big fat faux coats are out. Although, it’s not warm enough for dainty denim shorts just yet, oh no, definitely not!

I haven’t stepped foot into a Primark store in a really long time. Being a big fan of vintage and second hand, I have become accustomed to buying new less and less. Of course, there is a big focus on fast fashion at the moment. I personally think that there is a really big difference in being clothing cautious and just being a little bit silly when it comes to spending. Gone are the days of buying something, wearing it once and passing it on. I definitely don’t do that anymore. Eighteen year old me would have some serious explaining to do. When I am buying high street, which is usually with ASOS and Nasty Gal as my main go to’s, I tend to now shop seasonally, get what I need and pause it there. I make sure that I’m no longer buying for ‘an occasion’ time after time and that if I do purchase something new then I can mix and match it all year round with everything else I’m already loving in my wardrobe. Quantity is no longer applicable to me.


With that said, I popped into Primark because I desperately needed a swimming costume for the gym. The thought of doing aqua aerobics in a skimpy little bikini (probably too small for me anyway as circa summer ’18 piece) was a total no go. Nobody needs, or wants, to see that. Along the way, I spotted a few little ‘spring pieces’ to update my wardrobe with amidst this freak February warmth we’re experiencing. For the first time this year I reached for sunglasses. Driving without them is just a real pain! (Also, they’re great when you can’t be bothered with mascara). When I looked at last years collection it was obvious I’d had a pretty good summer. Scratched, slightly bent and I’m certain I picked up a faint smell of gin on one of the pairs. Do you blame me? So, it was time for a new addition, minus the gin, sadly. Primark do very inexpensive sunglasses and the reason I support this is for all the reasons above. For me, they don’t last long. A good summer comes with hangovers and a few drunken injuries, not just to the limbs but to the sunnies too! Or in most cases, a search warrant is needed. I just loose them! So a cheap and cheerful pair of sunglasses always suits me. Another accessory that screams all things spring and sunshine are the ever so on trend headbands. I think I’ve got about four of these now. I think they’re great! Not only do they look good, they’re stylish, elevate an outfit from can’t be arsed to effortlessly (literally) chic and they cut hair styling time by half (forget the blow dry, just team a unwashed hair day with a headband). With the headband came some cute little tassel earrings too, which I have already had many compliments on! I’m into a little bit of colour co-ordination these days. Plus, green is going to be big this year. I’m swapping out my thick, roll neck jumpers for a few thin ones too, just to throw over t-shirts. Perfect for when the sun is shining but still rather chilly in the shade. I grabbed this lovely light sweatshirt. It’s giving me all the Chanel vibes (at 1% of the price). Although, a word of warning, do not wear this sweatshirt around dogs or pasta sauce!!


I also found a few other gems in Primark and I posted a few quick dressing room snaps on my latest camera roll post, you can have a snoop here.

That’s it from me today, just a lighthearted post and a quick hello. Let me know how you transition your wardrobe out of the winter months and what you love to add in. I’m all ears!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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