Like a moth to a flame, it was truly meant to be. Avoiding faux snake print was like cutting out carbs. A lot of initial will power but always gives in. With every style focused hashtag on Instagram championing this strong style trend, it would have been almost a crime not to join in. Admittedly, I have always gone against this kind of advice. Against the grain is my main fashion motto. But, when I found a piece that I could take from casual and cool to office bad ass, it made the decision a whole load easier.



I’m a little rusty with my style posts, admittedly and that’s probably due to the fact that I put myself on a spending ban for the start of 2019. Now that is lifted, it’s all systems go!

For me a statement piece is worth the wear when you can take on several different personas. Sexy snake print librarian, sassy snake print office administrator, sultry snake print photographer. Whatever floats your boat! A blazer catering for many careers, many personalities. I can wear this with boots for office days, or with trainers for Sunday coffee days. Give a girl the choice, and she’ll wear it every damn day! Wearing such a statement print isn’t always easy. Starting small and slow is the best advice I can give. If it all feels to daring or too daunting, going low-key is a good starting move. Some mock print earrings or just a little clutch bag for example. That should do the trick to start the obsession. By then, it’s on it’s way to blazers and midi skirts. Bliss! Leopard print is soooo 2017.  Ouch. It actually hurt to type that. Long live the leopard love! I think that the above applies to any trend that takes the style stage by storm. Whether that’s neons or neutrals, it’s all catering for the same audience. The best thing to do, is to just give it a shot! Ease it into your own personal comfort zone, a style space is very individual and trying something new doesn’t mean you have to change yourself all together. So many times I have purchased ‘the whole look’, inspired by a beautiful model on said retail website, and when it’s all arrived the end result is literally my worst version of a sack of potatoes. We have all been there. So, I picked this Nasty Gal blazer and kept things very simple, very ‘me’. Opting for plain black (reliable Topshop) skinny jeans and a rather understated beige jumper, this meant I let the blazer do all the talking. To me, this is a perfect ‘don’t know what the flip to wear outfit’ and as I said above can easily be tweaked dependent on the activities for the day. Except for a sofa day, although top bun and snake print still works, right?!


If like me, you’re feeling brave, then just find an even more statement location to take all the glory. Garish pink wall? Nailed it. I’ve listed my top faux snake print pieces below. Have a snoop!

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