I’ve been wanting to put together a big ol’ hefty style post for a while. When I read topic blog posts on style and fashion, I like a lot of substance to them. Not just a simple declaration of ‘I really liked this jumper’. Boring. I want 1000 plus words, a whole bunch of photos, personality and lots of inspiration. Give me all the chit chat. So I had the idea of combining all of my 2018 style thoughts into one post. Experimenting with style trends is something I dabbled in towards the end of 2018. Trends that I thought would never ever suit me, not in a million years. Hell-to-the-no! But, alas, stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t all that bad. Trying new things for your body shape is brave. Testing different colour palettes can be rewarding. Just go with your gut and what feels good for you!

‘Playing dress-up begins at age five

and never truly ends’

Kate Spade


Well, if you said to me a couple of years ago that I would be injecting some pink pieces into my wardrobe, I would have laughed. It’s not that I don’t like colour. I do. I unfortunately, have always associated pink with being very ‘girly’. Blaming a seriously outdated opinion of pink is for girls and blue is for boys. It just really stuck in my head, especially coming from that kind of generation. You would have never seen me in a pink dress throughout my 20’s. I was too edgy for that. Self-titled of of course. Then out of nowhere, pink became pretty cool. Pink and red. Pink tones and neutral tones. Pink contrasted with super chunky, lace up boots. Pink suddenly got it’s edge and of course, I was all for that. Pink started suiting me more when I took a few notches down on the make-up scale. I admitted in my 2018 all time favourites post that I stripped a lot of make-up habits back. Favouring a slightly more natural day to day look. Eyeliner was put aside for weekends and I gave a big thumbs up to nude lips, swapping this for my well known red. With this, was a changed perception to what I also wanted to wear. Not so intense, bold and brash. Subtle became doable. Who’d have thought it?! I started becoming more drawn to pink tones, not only in my own personal style but with my interior choices too. Pinterest became a hot spot for a big dose of millennial pink inspiration. I broke my spending ban in January. I allowed myself to purchase one single clothing item. This ended up being a pink jumper. Did you guess that? I felt like it was worth the guilt. Did I really need another jumper? Not at all. But did I want to own a pink jumper? Fuck yeah. With my new found obsession, I spotted a jumper that ticked all the boxes on Asos. Pink, colour blocks, stripes, over sized and neutral tones. Doesn’t that just sound heavenly? I loved this jumper so much, that I wore it three days in a row. I changed my perception of clothing altogether. Guilty of the in and out approach to clothing. Hardly wearing things more than a handful of times. Instagram makes you feel like you should purchase something, wear it once, snap it up and get rid, because heaven forbid should you be caught seen wearing something more than once. It’s a pretty twisted and worrying approach. Skip a few chapters and I’ll talk about this topic is a little more. Lets get down to sustainability and boots. What a combo!



I don’t think you’d find a retail store that wasn’t stocking midi skirts in 2018. I avoided them at all costs. To begin with, anyway. Legs eleven and her amazing midi skirt. I was envious of something I thought I couldn’t have. Poor little me, only 5ft 2. I was a mini skirt lover through and through. Anything to give me a boost in the legs department. I was perusing Stradivarius one afternoon and I spotted some leopard print. Another style trend that has always been on the radar but really came right back up to the surface last year. Cool and casual, I sprinted over to this little peek of leopard print, hoping and wishing it was in the form of a mini skirt. It wasn’t. It was a bloody midi skirt. Of course it was. But it was gorgeous! It was just the right kind of leopard print. If you know, you know! Do you know what, I want a piece of this, I declared. Legs eleven, I can dream. So I bought it. I took it home and I promised myself I would find a way to wear midi skirts. And I did. It’s funny how you convince yourself that something isn’t right for your body shape. We all know that what suits others, may not suit us, and that’s okay. That’s good. Dressing for your shape is definitely something I support. Avoiding midi skirts because I’m just not tall enough is just a little bit silly, though. So I reached for my beloved, well worn, very sturdy Kurt Geiger ankle boots (more on that later) and I popped on this skirt, with a burgundy body suit, matched with an outrageous shaggy cardigan and owned the whole look. It even made it onto the gram. Have a little nose here. I now wear that skirt to work, on the weekends and for nights out. Paired with boots, trainers, jumpers, t-shirts. You name it, it goes with it. I became such a fan of the midi skirt and wore my lovely little leopard one so many times, that I found another one just as gorgeous. A silky little number from Nasty Gal. In rich a burgundy, so soft to the touch, this colour was a match made in heaven for the Asos jumper.



Similar to the skirt situation, I just thought I was too short for these bad boys. Until I spotted pocket rocket Emily Rose Moloney on Instagram sporting a midi skirt and knee high boots combo. You know the Mean Girls phrase. Well, if this beaut can do it, then so can I! When it comes to boots, I tend to purchase one pair a year or so and then wear them to death. Unlike the one in, one out approach, I like to think I do my part and avoid fast fashion with footwear. I purchase good quality, strong, well built boots that last me season after season. Cost per wear hits the pennies with my most loved Kurt Geiger boots that lasted me through autumn and now into winter, and confidently will do for the next two to three years. Admittedly I did spot these stunning faux snake skin boots in the New Look sale. They were a steal at just £20 but they are definitely hard wearing. Again, incorporating these day to day and so far so good, I’m getting so much wear out of them. I have had a tonne of compliments on these and I’m so glad I stopped worrying about what would, or wouldn’t suit me and just gave them a go. Not only do they look lush with my newly loved midi skirts, they’re paired well with simple black skinny jeans, playsuits and even maxi dresses. Best of all, they really do keep the cold at bay, so perfect for the next few months ahead.


So what rules am I breaking in 2019? A few big trends I hear on the grapevine are feathered accessories (down for this), square toes (one step ahead with my beloved KG’s) and the colour purple (if I can handle pink, I can handle purple). I’d love to know what floating your style boat in 2018? Did you go wild for cycling shorts? Let me know below and send me some snaps.

Some of the pieces I have mentioned are now sold out, so I’ll link some alternatives below.

All photography by Stacey Louise White.

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