Here we are. Blue Monday. Are you battling with it today? Whether you’re at home, at work, at a desk, or even on holiday (lucky you) then remind yourself that you’re allowed five minutes, even ten, take a whole hour, fuck it take the day to reset and get those batteries charged for the rest of January. I need to take my own advice on this one. Fueled by a dreaded cold, I am looking forward to some down time this evening. Not just grey skies outside but there are a few clouds clogging up my mind too. We all have these days, we are allowed to have these days and that is fine. Not so sunshine minded today, I have opted for some respite in many hot cups of tea and I have vowed to loose myself in a really good book.

I used to read a tonne when I was younger. Book after book, pile after pile. I’m very used to my own company. A self-labelled social butterfly yes, don’t get me wrong, life of the party but I really do appreciate a quiet moment to myself. Getting lost in a good book when you don’t feel your best self is therapeutic. It’s not ‘running away’ as such but it’s a change of scenery for a moment, a still moment, and it’s a chance to get yourself lost in someone else’s story. I apologise in advance if this is all coming across very corny but I’m an old soul and a hopeless romantic and if you have ever read a book that made you laugh, weep, cry buckets, or feel completely amazing, then you’ll know that these words come poetically inspired by books. So many books. When I moved back to my parents’ house last year I took a lot of books to the charity shops to donate because I simply didn’t have the room. I regret this decision now. Such is life!

I have got myself back into reading recently, mainly because I like to swap my phone for a good book in the evening. It plays a big part in the evening ‘wind down’ and I find it far easier to fall asleep if I do that. This isn’t new news. We all know phones should be put away at bedtime. Something, I am still trying to do myself! If I start scrolling too much, I grab myself a book. I try to. Usually combined with a glass of wine, no doubt.

So, it’s a fairly quick one from me today, but I wanted to share my oldest, most favourite, fondest and latest reads!

John Green

I fell in love with John Green way before The Fault In Our Stars became ‘a thing’. The first book I read by him was Looking For Alaska. A kind of teenage tragedy rom com but in book form. This book had me feeling all kinds of feels. I guess it’s all in the way John writes. His books are like music. I find myself reading them at such a quick pace because I don’t want to put the story down. Stumbling over the words, desperate to get to the next chapter. Looking For Alaska will always be a top favourite read of mine, this stands true even after reading The Fault In Our Stars. Other books by John that I adored are Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherine’s.

Sarah Knight

When I’m searching for a much needed pick me up and a ‘go get em’ kind of message, I turn to Sarah Knight. Famous for writing what everyone is thinking. She doesn’t shy away from foul language. Oh no. Of course I would like her! You Do You was such an inspiring book. I say book, more like a hardback of self-help messages. If you haven’t read this yet, and you support a world where people make mistakes and you should and can live life however the fuck (in Sarah’s words) makes you happy, then please pick this book up today.

Drew Barrymore

When I read Wildflower by Drew Barrymore, I wanted to jump on a plane and start my life all over again. Happy, honest, heart-breaking and heart-warming. Scribbles of true stories and memories of Drew and her life before and after fame. You could really feel her personality through her writing and I just felt her words as soft as her nature. It’s like I wanted to jump into the book and be there with her. I want to be Drew’s best friend. I really loved this book. It was a really easy read, something you could just easily go back to time and time again. I have read this now about four times over! The proof is there.

Lily Allen

Similarly to the above, another honest tale of one’s own life, number one best seller My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen is no less than amazing. I couldn’t put this book down. I read it in a matter of days. I read it whilst making dinner, on my lunch breaks at work, on the loo, in the bath, in bed ignoring my boyfriend. I have always loved Lily for her voice, not just singing, but her outspoken opinions and it didn’t fault in this book. I feel like she emptied her soul out into this book. Something, I guess, to relieve her mind of these stories she had held tight for so long. If you have a heart, it’ll be sure to make you cry.

Naomi Alderman

I’m currently reading The Power. Well, I’m two pages in. I started this last year, picked it up for ‘my boyfriend is watching football type afternoons’. I haven’t gone back to it yet. It didn’t pull me in immediately, although those first words and lines were incredibly intense. I’m just not sure where the story line is going to go. The writing felt jolty. Like I was jumping from one bit to the next. Have you given this one a go? Should I persevere? Do let me know!

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