Beauty topics are something that I don’t prioritise writing about, mainly because I know what I know and I like what I like. I’ve never been the kind of girl to be the first at the queue for the newest Charlotte Tilbury release. With that said, every now and then I stumble across a brand that I just love, new or old. With Christmas under our belts, I delve into my beauty stash more so than ever. The festive period calls for lots of glittery make-up, a red lip to admire, plenty of nourishing skincare products and a handful of body butters to battle post cheese belly. I go wild with all things beauty at Christmas and in the New Year mainly because I’m armed with brand new recruits. Which is why I wanted to start up a new monthly feature over here. Spotlight brand of the month!

This month goes to a brand I have loved, loved, LOVED for years, actually. Famous for it’s Christmas gift sets, I have received many over the years from this divine brand. I say divine because to me, it truly is luxury. If you’re craving a little touch of TLC then rituals is basically just that, in a bottle. The main message from rituals is ‘turn daily routines into meaningful rituals’ and I really love this thought. Being a big advocate for the little things, something I love to do more than anything is dedicate a slow Sunday to the bathroom. Bubbles, scents, lathers and slathers. You get the picture, there is product for all self-care moments and needs.


 I think the main reason I become immune to new beauty releases and trends is that I work in beauty so sometimes, the excitement takes a back seat. You’d think I’d have tonnes to review about and write about but it has the opposite effect. I’m in a lucky position, my desk gets cluttered with new products to try. Earlier in the year I popped along to Rituals shopping event in partnership with Marie Curie. This is why shopping evenings are great for me because they reignite my love for beauty products, I can immerse myself and dedicate my attention to the evening. Certainly helped that this one had a very warm and generous prosecco welcome. Gets me on side every time! A bunch of us girlies from the office took ourselves along, took advantage of said prosecco, on the hunt for Christmas gifts (mainly for ourselves) and treated to mini hand massages. I have to say, it was a really well thought out evening. You were assigned a ‘helper’ who gave you your own wicker basket that they helped fill for you. Truthfully, I didn’t need any help filling mine!

The Ritual of Sakura Body Oil

Rituals offer collections, this basically means different scents dependent on your taste, or what you are looking for. My favourite has always been Sakura. Firstly, because it prides itself in clean white packaging and rose gold touches. Sold! I’m an Instagram girl, I’m in. Secondly, the scent. Back to the word I used before; divine. This scent stays with me all day. Every product with this scent is just so lovely. I immediately picked up the Sakura Shower Oil. Initially an oil but this product turns into a milky texture once it comes into contact with water. This is now a must in my shower routine. I give my skin a quick buff or exfoliate and then treat it with a handful of this oil. The shower steam is immediately immersed with cherry blossom scents and swirls and my skin is left unbelievably soft. What more could you ask for?

The Ritual of Ayurveda Hand Scrub

Something I’ve never had a place for in my extensive beauty collection is an exfoliator just for the hands. A genius product really, with winter giving our hands hell. Especially mine, they can get very dry throughout the colder months. Although, a little tip from me, I actually use this product more so in conjuction with tanning. Every tanner hates the part where they have to attempt, or just hope for, perfectly bronzed hands. We’ve all been there, a hand tan disaster. Self-tan clings to dry patches, which is why it’s even more difficult to get a flawless application on your hands.

The Ritual of Hammam Tea

One surprise find on my shopping evening was a section of the shop dedicated to infused fruit teas. I had no idea that Rituals offered a product like this, although thinking about it makes total sense. Each collection has created a matching flavour infused set of tea bags. Towards the end of the year I was battling with my skin, mainly for hormonal reasons and so I became addicted to gallons of fresh lemon water and peppermint tea. The Hammam Tea is a form of green tea, promising to purify from the inside out. Give it to me now! It has both peppermint mint and fresh curled mint, something I didn’t know I needed in a tea until now.

If you haven’t decided to go all ‘2019’ like me and put yourself on a spending ban for Jan, firstly you’re already one step ahead of me (I’m already wanting to purchase a million things), because Ritual have a massive 50% online discount on selected products. Gifts, Birthdays, Valentine’s… get stocking up my lovelies!

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