The other evening I found myself lost in YouTube. I must have been hungover or something because I just let it play whatever it felt like and before I knew it I was watching hours of vegan foodie videos, one after the other. Various foodie YouTubers showing off their culunary skills and whipping up these incredible vegan meals. Like actually amazing and really inventive and all lookin’ super delicious. Then I started to think, I could do that?

I’ve grown up on meat. A big ol’ roast dinner has been a firm family favourite in my house-hold for years. Until about five years ago when I started cutting a lot of meat out of my diet and eventually went pescetarian. My dad and brother both still heavily eat meat, yet my mum similar to me is really fussy with it and has cut back a lot. When I moved out and cooked for myself, not eating meat was unbelievably easy. I cooked fresh pretty much every night and still do, so for me it’s just so easy to control and comes so naturally now. My weekly meals consist of a balance of five vegetarian meals and then two meals with fish. Although, since cutting out meat I have noticed an uplift in my dairy intake. I’ve fallen into a habit of putting cheese with/on/inside everything. Chedder, halloumi, whatever you name it I’m eating it. I really wanted to challenge myself for a month and go vegan and when I asked on social if it was worth documenting, so many people messaged me saying yes. So many people messaged me with support and tips, recipe recommendations and all sorts. It spurred me on even more to give it a really good go.


I started on the 1st August so it’s all very new and I’m only six days in. So far so good and having a meal plan has really helped me to stick to it. I also picked up some of the supermarket magazines, Tesco and the co-op do them and they’re really handy to spark some ideas and inspiration for meal times. I’ve even been gluggin’ on vegan beer! I did approach my first foodie test at the weekend when I went out for some lunch. Popped to one pub and had to leave because there was actually nothing on offer that was vegan. Then I found a lovely little pub in Maulden who were much more accommodating, it had quite a few choices and they offered to tweak anything to my preference. I also got some pretty little flowers on the top. Controversial?! But, big thumbs up!

So I promised to document everything from my food shop, prices, meals etc! The first thing I noticed straight away is that my usual weekly food shop was about £5 more expensive. Which doesn’t sound like a huge amount of money but in the grand scheme of things I guess it will add up. I also went down a pretty ‘veggie’ based route for week one, not splurging out too much on meat or vegan protein alternatives. I bulked up on veggies and dairy free milk and all those kinds of general go to day to day products. I also refused to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a vegan granola. Man, I love my granola (I really do) so I was gutted. Maybe I was being tight but anything over £3 just doesn’t sit comfortably with me. I don’t understand why some of the brands are so bloody expensive. I settled on these apricot filled wheat bites from the co-op and they’re actually delicious, I could easily eat them every day and they were only £2. I feel a few compromises coming for week two but we shall see! So until next time, here’s a few foodie snaps and my meal breakdown. If you have any recipe recommendations then feel free to drop me a comment below!

(The George Inn, Maulden)

Breakfast: apricot wheat shreddies 
Lunch: butternut squash noodles and five bean chilli
Dinner: mexican avocado wraps 
Snacks: banana, celery sticks

Breakfast: apricot wheat shreddies
Lunch: mexican avocado wraps 
Dinner: cauldron sausages, sweet potato and beans
Snacks: banana, hummus crisps

Breakfast: apricot wheat shreddies 
Lunch: cauldron sausages, sweet potato and red pepper
Dinner: cashew and vegetable stir fry 
Snacks: banana, cherries, hummus crisps

Breakfast: cauldron sausage wrap 
Lunch: coconut, lime and lentil soup
Dinner: apricot wheat shreddies
Snacks: banana, peanut butter and apples slices 

Breakfast: apricot wheat shreddies
Lunch: mexican bean burger (bunless) with salad
Dinner: sweet potato and five bean chilli
Snacks: banana, hummus crisps 

Breakfast: oat milk Starbucks coffee, granola slice
Lunch: cauldron sausage wrap with hummus, coriander and chilli
Dinner: beer
Snacks: banana, Linda McCartney sausage roll

Lunch: butternut squash chilli with wraps, olives 
Snacks: dairy free ice lolly

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