‘Yeah, I guess it is a bit cringe’. So, I recently found myself saying this in a response to a comment a guy made to me on a recent date. He was referencing bloggers, what they do and in particular, my own Instagram. I have never experienced that kind of face to face conversation before. No doubt these kinds of thoughts and comments happen behind doors, behind my back, I just didn’t know how to react to it so I found myself going along with the conversation. For the first time, in a really long time, I was actually a little speechless. It all come out in the girl chat, of course. The truth is, I don’t find what I do ‘cringe’ AT ALL. When I teased about this blog post on Instagram and the things this guy had said, a photographer messaged me with the most nail on the head comment; ‘armchair assholes who are doing fuck all’. It made me smile. Oh, and just to clear it up, no, a second date was definitely OFF the cards, understandably.

When it comes to Instagram, I tend to keep things fairly ‘professional’. Honest as ever, I know how it must come across sometimes. Always striving to keep my content as relatable as possible but yes, admittedly it’s pretty polished. There is an aesthetic, a theme, however you want to describe it, a look that I stick to. I’ve said it before but my blog and Instagram are a source of income for me, so think of it as a brand. A social media executive wouldn’t put up an image for let’s say Topshop as an example, that wasn’t on brand. I wouldn’t do the same. As much as I love a builders mug of tea in the morning, it’s just not making it onto the ‘gram. There’s nothing wrong with that and I do envy those that just shove up whatever they feel like. Of course, I do miss having that kind of platform to share the day to day on. Mainly because I love photography, of all kinds, polished or not. I’m also a normal (questionable) 20-something-gal that bloody loves a beer down the pub on a Friday night. I love photo’s with friends. I love a sing-a-long in the car. I try and share a little more of this on Instagram Stories but even with that I’m pretty particular. Sure, content taken on my phone over the DSLR but again, I try and keep my daily stories in a colour theme. Don’t ask. I’m a perfectionist, an over thinker and that’s so okay. Some people are OCD with cars, lets say, it’s exactly the same, just in another category.

Anyway, my point in all of this rambling? My camera roll is full of a bunch of unseen, cutesy images that I would love to throw up and share. Which is why I’m going to start up a new blog feature on here because it feels like the best place to share that kind of content. My month in camera roll. Let’s call it that. Expect friends, beer, food, weirdness and general what the fuck is that photography. Enjoy!


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