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We’re a week away from July. I mean, what da fuq? Everything is speeding by and I feel like every time I blink another month just passes me by. Cliché? With that, it’s time for a little catch up, from me to you and a run through my favourite things from June.

So June has been a really positive month for me in regards to my blog and taking things up a notch. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really incredible brands, I’ve also been receiving more and more campaigns. It’s great, I’ve been experimenting with my content and photography and that’s something that drives me. I always want to do better. Forever texting my creative crew, the photography friends that I bug about Instagram all day (nod to Ben and Elise) repeating the same lines each week; how do I make this look cooler? Feeling more comfortable with my content than ever, more me, more real, I believe that is coming across in the work that I’m producing. I would also like to think this is a big factor for brands coming back to me for repeat collaborations. One of those brands that I have been ever so lucky enough to build my working relationship with is Radley London. They do handbags like no other. There’s plenty of styles to choose from, something for everyone but it’s always quality over quantity. The finished standard really is like no other! I recently picked out a dream cute cream clutch, etched with a touch of rose gold detailing. Heaven in a handbag. In the most apt English phrase possibly known ‘it’s bloody lovely’. Day to day, I’m a throw it all in kind of girl. Everything but the kitchen sink comes along with me. It’s a comfort zone thing, I guess. Having said that, it’s nice to have a compact option for those more elegant invitations; tapas dinner dates (enough room for a lippy when all important touch-ups are needed), coffee a la mooch around the shops (credit card only required) or a quick pit stop to the florist where all but the kitchen sink is really not necessary. This lovely little flapper cross body offers exactly that with it’s neat card compartment, hidden front pocket and adjustable body strap. I took it out for a little trip, a meeting* with some work buds (*lounge by Shoreditch House pool) and all three of my gal pals gushed with approval. Radley is such a recognisable brand with the lil’ leather doggy tag, it’s such a sweet touch. When I’m not taking this beauty out into town, I still want to show it off so it stands proud, prize possession for the popular Instagram tag; the #shelfie.


Browse for your very own summer must-have Radley London handbag, here.

Instagram (and Kate La Vie) has a lot to answer for with the shelfie tag! It’s becoming incredibly popular and home interior is becoming more and more inspiring. Far more than just an accompaniment of ‘things’ it’s an insight to personal taste, interest and personality. In my professional, personal opinion, less is more but having said that sometimes a cluttered space can look cool if you can be confident with it and really own that space; it’s yours, your look. I like to give each piece it’s own front row. My gorgeous new Radley Palace Street Small Flapover Cross Body Bag naturally takes front seat.  Adding a little somethin’ somethin’ I’ve just elevated it onto a couple of cool books (Vogue darling, always Vogue) and lightly laced with some fresh flowers. I like to make it feel like it’s all linked, so the Vogue and the bag work well with each other, it’s a ‘makes sense’ match. Mixing old and new is always a good idea too. I think this beautifully new, squeaky clean bag contrasted against bulky wooden shelving gives it all an intrigue and an edge. Other ways to style a shelfie space is with super soft lighting, gorgeous vibrant greenery (think succulents) or just something crazy and quirky; a talking point! Finding home interior inspiration has never been easier with the likes of Pinterest, and I have been using it more than ever in June. Focusing on fancy film shots to inspire my photography, and pinning all of the home decor. Pinterest in itself just has to fall into my favourites catagory.

What’s your monthly favourites?

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