Have you seen that meme that reads; ‘Anyone else always bring about 3 times as many knickers as they need when they’re going away somewhere like oh just in case I piss myself every single day of this trip’.. well, that’s me! Packing is not my forte. When the guys booked the flight, the confirmation came over as hand luggage and I freaked. I was like er nope, never, no way, can’t do it. My suitcase was in fact so big it didn’t even fit into the boot of my car (basic bitch Fiat 500) so I had to put all of the back seats down. I’m fully aware this all sounds so dramatic for a four day trip but I just need my stuff. Does that make sense? Even if I go away for one night, I just like to have options. I’m a girl, I’m so fickle, I dress for my mood so options are always necessary!

Have you checked out my Berlin city guide? If so, you’ll know that it was a trip away with the boys, therefor consisted of easy-going, beer fueled fun! It was a dream city break, actually, and my daily/evening looks were far more relaxed and casual than if it were a trip away with the girl gang. An hour max each evening to whip something together so we could head out for bottles of beer, most important part of the trip, so with that, I thought I’d put together to my looks and just run through why I picked them and put them together.

The Little Black Dress

An iconic look. Bought to us by Posh Spice, the little black dress is a go-to don’t know what the flip to wear piece. It never fails. Dressed up or dressed down, it just works. This one was almost a ‘pool-side’ piece, nabbed from my nearest H&M in an impulsive moment, I’m actually really glad I did shove it into my basket because it’s super flattering. This was a day filled with walkin’ & talkin’ and snapping up tourist hot spots, so it was the perfect little dress to wander around the city in. Plus, we must of been over there in a freak heatwave because it was about 30-32 degrees everyday, so I really wanted something light. It’s 60% cotton, which for a really reasonably priced piece (£8) is actually quite generous. I have been more and more conscious lately of what materials I’m buying, and what kind of value I’m getting for my clothes. I watch a lot of hauls on the internet, YouTube, Instagram Stories, whatever and they’re all the same, but when I stumbled across Emma Hill a good year or so ago, her passion for this really interested me, opened up my eyes and starting educating me on something I knew nothing about and I love that. I love how someone can open up your mind to something new. I didn’t quite realise the importance of this, and how much I would come to care about it. However, I digress. I’d love to talk about this more, and I will but back to the much adored LBD. With all the walking, this became a rather throwback themed Lily Allen inspired look. Dress, trainers and hoops. What a dream!


This top to toe look is also H&M. Both of these little gems were great for the trip as they were loose, comfortable but also feminine. I still like to look girly most of the time, although a complete contradiction to this trip, and I guess in my own admission, my personality. Ruffles seem to be my thing at the moment, they cover a whole multitude of sins i.e Berlin beer belly. Forget boobs and butt, a flash of the shoulder to me is very sexy. I do love a good off the shoulder piece, and even more so in white. Yes yes yes to sunkissed skin on show! Slightly unflattering in the sense that it’s so loose it’s almost shapeless, I get the impression that culottes are in the same boat as mom jeans in that they’re absolutely man repelling. To elevate this look I threw in my other style obsession at the moment, the ever so Instagram silky hair tie, and of course, wouldn’t be without, a pair of big, bold, giant hoops.

Out Out

When I say ‘out out’ I mean a walk down to the local bar for the football. This was part of a deal, I would watch the football with the guys if they would help me snap a couple of shots for the ‘gram. Seemed like a fair deal? Luckily for me, I knew that the bar would turn into a club after the match. Insert Saturday night disco dancing deleted Instagram Stories here. I have this body top in two colours now, it’s so flattering and it’s sort of sexy without much on show. Topshop won me over with this one! I prefer a ‘more to the imagination’ out out look. Which is why I teamed it with the loose culottes again, and a glass of Prosecco. Mainly because bloated beer belly was very much in full swing but a football a la club outfit is really hard to nail, believe me. You’ll notice that I’ve worn my hair up a lot on this trip, again this is very much down to the heat, even in the evenings it was boiling but it worked out well for me because it skimmed my getting ready time by about 20 minutes, something the boys were more than happy with. I became quite fond of this look actually, it’s really flattering for the face, on me anyway. I captioned this look on Instagram as ‘bigger the hoop…’ (if you don’t know the next line then google it) because we all know I’m fond of a giant hoop these days. Of course, lashings of highlighter, and a brown-nude lip. This was also the first time, in my entire make-up life, that I attempted a ‘smokey eye’. Always a fan of eyeliner, but not overly keen on eyeshadow paired with this, I used those extra spare 20 minutes to experiment. Would actually really love to know what you think?


Night before the flight


Every final evening on a holiday is the same for everybody, you’ve packed (or if you’re me, know you still have to) and there isn’t much left to choose from. You’ve either worn it or it’s just so god damn creased because you didn’t hang everything up on day one. Berlin had a Primark (of all the places to go to on a bloody city break) and i did quickly pop in and picked up this rather cutesy blouse. I simply threw it on with a pair of skinny black jeans and some sunnies. By this point my hayfever was giving me all sorts of grief so I very much was in a ‘couldn’t be fucked’ state of mind. We were off for some final evening tapas and wine. I was over beer at this point, so I sank myself into some silky smooth Pinot Noir, all washed down with some padron peppers (my new obsession). There is not much to say about this look, it was the evening after the football a la club so I was fairly hungover, tired, hot, to be honest I was pretty damn grumpy.. until food of course. I only really like these photos for the posters and graffiti in the background, something of course that Berlin is incredibly well known for.

So there you have it a quick and honest run through of my looks in Berlin. I haven’t done a dedicated style post in a while, so this is a great round-up! I’ve linked everything below, or similar if now not available!

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