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‘You’re going to Berlin with just boys…’ seemed to be the most popular reaction to my announcement of a little city break away. Booked a while back over some dinner with the ladzzz (two really good friends of mine, my Hitchin buddies hittin’ an almost eight year friendship mark) I had been quietly ready for this trip for quite some time. Sometimes, a little break away is just what the doctor ordered and just so happens in the nick of time. And, I’m glad to admit, it was probably the most relaxing trip I’ve ever been on! It’s not abnormal to have a variety of friends; boys, girls, younger, older. More importantly, does it really matter if you’re having the best time? A trip with boys is totally different to a trip with girls. FACT! The vibe, pace, priorities, it’s all new to me. For starters, guys take about three seconds to get ready, which naturally is not nearly enough time for me. Although, I did find myself cutting corners when it came to sprucing up ready for a night out on the Berlin tiles. I was proud of myself. My usual slow-paced, knock a few glasses of vino back, sing-a-long to Pale Waves, super complicated make-up routine, surprisingly became a quick ‘that’ll do’ effort. I didn’t mind and I found that the less time ‘getting ready’ meant more time for the all important, every evening occurrence part of the trip; drinking beer. This became a high priority on the agenda. I found myself joining in with this and again, actually enjoying it. I even tagged along to the football one evening, and shouted at the screen. I mean, kudos or what?! Although in an only fair admission, this was part of a deal, in that by doing this the lads kindly appointed themselves as savvy snapper for the ‘gram. Bless em! Of course, this is not to say that there wasn’t a few ‘I’ll pass’ moments, which of course, honest as ever I’ll address below. And, one thing I didn’t quite anticipate doing as much as if I had spent the trip with the girls is the sheer amount of walking. In hindsight, I did not bring appropriate walking shoes. Possibly not just the amount that would have been the only issue but when your little legs are trying to keep up with 6ft fellas, it’s quite the challenge! Nevertheless, new experiences to be had and new memories made. I’ve left with beer in my belly and a great big smile on my face.

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Berlin is just so beautiful, it’s full of character, charm and history. The buildings are tall, some worn, some covered in graffiti, some just gorgeous colours, so vibrant and outstanding. Transport couldn’t be easier with the options of regular buses, trams and the underground. Similar to most cities in fact! Beer flowing, wine always available. The locals are lovely, very friendly and helpful. Read on for trip highlights and my recommendations below!

Bradenburg Gate

A tourist hot spot, this monument stands from the 18th century. It’s just one of those places that makes it ‘on the list’ and totally worth seeing. Seen from miles away, it’s huge. It’s pretty epic! It’s also very difficult to snap any photos with crowds of people surrounding it (lol). Putting the all important ‘gram pic aside, it was amazing to see so many people peeping in and out of these pillars. They were gorgeous.

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A huge, gorgeous, serene park in the centre of Berlin. It’s 520 acres to be exact, and where we endured most of our walking. There were stunning rivers, lots of greenery, a beautiful rose garden, plenty of play areas for kids, just the most perfect spot for getting lost or setting up for a pretty little picnic.


Berlin Zoo

There’s not much I can, or particularly want to say on this but it’s right around the corner from the Tiergarten. It’s bittersweet. A place where you can see these absolutely gorgeous, clever animals, yet so so sad for them to be stuck there all at the same time.

Checkpoint Charlie

We waited 25 minutes for an underground train to get here, only to spend the best part of thirty seconds admiring Checkpoint Charlie. Again, just one of those places that makes it onto the list, that ideally you want to tick off. It’s literally ‘yep, cool, next’. It’s essentially the ‘crossing point’ between east and west Berlin during the cold war. There is a museum if you want to delve a little further into the history.

Funk You

A vegan foodie spot heaven. Thankfully, there were lots of these around! Berlin is big on meat, something the boys were incredibly happy about. Bratwurst this, salami that. I did start to worry on what I would graze on for lunch and dinners. One afternoon the boys wanted to venture off to the Stasi Musuem and after a lot of walking already, I really just fancied an afternoon pottering around Berlin (at my own leisurely pace) on my own. I like my own company, I actually enjoy it and I had no qualms in becoming a lone ranger for a few hours, snapping up some incredible graffiti, snooping around some amazing vintage clothes stores and putting my sore little feet up and enjoying a refreshing juice. Funk You Natural Food had two appeals, one being the food itself of course, but another being the almost jungle like interior. It was total goals!

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Okay, but can I just have this moment? I’ve never been to a Sephora and Berlin has a huge one. I went here on the afternoon I spent with myself, and I’m actually glad because the boys would have hated it. Following me around, enduring all sorts of foundation shade questions that they couldn’t give a flying fuck about, probably replying with some bullshit like ‘doesn’t this place sell beer’. I picked up a few bits here for me and my mum, because you can’t go on holiday without getting gifts (for yourself) right?

So, Berlin, all that is left to say, is it was a real pleasure!



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