We’re all guilty of it, getting ourselves stuck in a sort of repetitive rut/funk/headfuck. Or for me, a little midlife crisis but in my twenties. Who even knew? Whether we realise it or not, sometimes life can just simply pass us by and before we know it the day to day becomes just that, the same, one after the other. Wake up, coffee, work, more work, a quick sandwich, a few emails, meetings, the drive home, a bath, dinner that’s too late in the evening, a few quick WhatsApp’s to the girl chat group, a few more emails and then finally bed. All for it to repeat itself again tomorrow, occasionally with a quick trip to the gym, or even the pub thrown in if you’re lucky. Is that really enough? Is that quality of life? Reality being there isn’t much you can sway away from when you’re in a job, living your best boss girl life. I guess routine is one thing but it’s the details in the day, your life in general and everything else in between that sometimes just needs a little ‘revive me’ moment.

When a big change happens in life, whether that be an end to a long friendship, a break-up with a partner, a change of living location or even a new job, it’s only natural to reflect. It’s a time to think; What did I learn? What would I change? What was right or wrong? I’ve been doing a little bit of that myself lately. Being a creature of habit is something I am possibly guilty of, without even knowing it. Sometimes it just works out that it’s easier to be that way. Comfort, familiarity, ease of life. Sometimes we do these things because it’s easier to carry them on than it is to change them. I’ve had a few things going on this past month or so, a few personal hurdles to get myself through. Whilst it’s been a difficult time for me, I have been rewarded with a fresh outlook on my life, from work and friendships to dare I say my ‘love’ life. Is it really a blog post without it? Embracing change is a positive thing. Trying something new is refreshing. Opening yourself to new opportunities is rewarding. Being true to yourself, amongst the good, the bad and all those little quirks that are unique to you is so important to keep a check on and to maintain. Keeping it real is something I have always championed. When I look back on my recent self, my personality, my traits even down to the content I was creating on social, it all seemed a little ‘samey’. Like I was trying to maintain a ‘look’, that I guess if I’m being transparent here, probably wasn’t fully me. But hey, sometimes we get influenced, sometimes we get confused, take a step off of the beaten track – it happens!

I’ve wanted to do a cool (in my opinion) lifestyle shoot for ages. Something on location, putting all the regular street style content aside for a bit. I wanted to strip everything back and show a side of me that I guess is well, true to me. I got Ben on board and I found this insanely cool apartment local to me and booked it out for the day. Sure, to a certain extent it was a ‘put together’ shoot but I was conscious that I wanted to keep things natural. I wanted to write this post as a new start, have the photos to support it and show you that there is more to me than just a quick same old photo shoot on a same old street corner pulling the same old poses and that there is a lot more creativity going on in my mind than just that. Of course, we kicked things off with me in a natural weekend situation, that being a glass of wine in hand. It was a really relaxed shoot and I just went with what I felt like would look good, more importantly just show me in an honest light; white wine and tattoos a-plenty!


Having a little one-night-away retreat serviced more than just producing some content, it gave me some much needed ‘me’ time. A chance to do what I wanted to do, with whoever I wanted, something I have been giving myself the green light on for the past couple of weeks. I’ve become a yes girl and as a side note: it feels fucking great. I took some time off work, set the out of office (never usually happens) and just had a genuinely fab time doing various fun things. I was discovering new places, giving a thumbs up to impromptu road trips, enjoying blossoming friendships, creating new friendships and connections, I even ate meat (although, a step too far), I decided to say ‘fuck it’ and be open minded with dating and threw caution to the wind when I met somebody new. All of that which takes a backseat when you become a creature of habit. It’s crazy how you can let life get so rigid. Talking to the same people, going to the same places and taking the same god damn Instagram photos. I don’t know if it comes down to age, thinking that things are set in stone from now on. I never thought that I would create new friendships at the age that I am now, especially not ones that I know will be long lasting from here on. I was starting to think that I wouldn’t be able to find anything past, dare I admit, casual with a guy and that the thought of genuine conversation or a ‘on a level’ connection was just too hard to find. I’ve potentially even had a change of heart with this! I’m surprising myself by how I’m feeling by just taking a step out of the ‘norm’. By relaxing, taking softer approaches to situations and most of all, inviting lots of positivity into my life. It really is amazing what happens when you just open yourself to change and a change of scenery does the world of good, if I do say so myself!

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