Writing to you from a week/weekend from hell. Sippin’ on a glass of Pinot Noir and reflecting on a rather eventful week, I thought I’d put pen to paper (in 2018 terms). You can always come here for honesty. I’m very open when it comes to sharing my thoughts, feelings and life with you on here. So, what made last week so bad? Well, life just seemed to really be against me. Accident prone Emma came out in full force, might I say. From dropping an entire cup of hot coffee (very luckily) almost down myself but drowning an entire train carriage with it… don’t worry it came back to bite me because I then did drop an entire slice of pizza down my top later on that day – typically was going out that night too. I was so tired one night, late from work that I filled my car up with petrol over diesel. My car also decided to fuck up on me and demand an engine oil change, that not being enough it also needed a new part to the engine itself. Bank balance was not happy with this. Photos below produced from a day of a shit fake tan, very tempted not to share but then thought fuck it. To top it all off (in true Emma style) I drank one too many glasses of prosecco and completely embarrassed myself in front of somebody I really quite fancied. First impressions count for everything Emma, what were you thinking! That ship sailed, sped, and exited my life incredibly quickly. If you’re new to this page then I guess that would have been a lot to take in for the first paragraph. Note; a little added drama for your entertainment. If you’re a regular here then heck, keep on reading and you know you’ll get to the good stuff!

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If I wanted to portray a perfectly filtered highlight reel with you then of course I would keep this all under wraps. Lie through my teeth, show you the best parts, happy parts. Make out that my life is one big made up fairytale. But, it’s just something that wouldn’t come naturally to me. I come from an open family. Exposed to a lot of difficulty growing up, living in a council house, on the dodgy end of the street, we just became a rather tight little unit. My parents would always do anything for my brother and I and as we got older, vise versa when needed. Some people don’t really understand the concept of your parents being your friends, but mine are. They never tried to hide anything from us, they were always really frank about a lot of things; money, family issues etc! This is probably a huge factor to being so at ease with honesty on the internet, honesty in general. What you see is what you get with me. There have been many ‘too much information’ moments, or just plain ‘too much’.


Which brings me to the heart of this blog post. Are we sharing too much on the internet? Is there any real need or relevance to speak about any of this. Well, for me there is. Because this is what I like to write about, and it is comfortable for me. Having said that, there is a lot I choose not to share and that being anything which involves somebody else, and their opinion. To me, I think that’s a no-go. I’ve dabbled in ‘guy’ talk on here but I have never named names. It’s never an ‘introducing XXXX from Hertfordshire, 28, full time carpenter, his Instagram handle is XXXX go check him out’. Those kinds of details are saved for office talk and girly WhatsApp exchanges. This is a blog, not Take Me Out. I was rather cheekily asked on a date the other week if he would get a feature on the ol’ blog. He had done his research, something I’m in favour of. It’s a difficult one to explain and it’s not always understood. My blog is not just a hobby, it’s my passion and more recently financial support. Anyway, my honest reply was yes. If he’s reading this now. he’ll know I’m talking about him, but that would be the extent of it. Dating in 2018 is one of the most difficult things I have experienced. It can be confusing, upsetting and savage and so keeping that personal to me is important. Having said that, if I was in a loving, trusting relationship then I’m sure I would be open to sharing more of that on the internet, at their blessing of course. There seems to be this new wave of lifestyle bloggers hitting the scene and curating overly honest blog posts about their experiences with guys. ‘Oh and for the record, he was shit in bed’. That is something you will never find here, for the most part that I find that incredibly unclassy. It’s just not in my taste. I’m all for those anti fuckboy vibes, trust me I am, but sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything at all. It’s much more effective. This goes for a lot more than just guy talk. It’s family and friendships too. I think I’ve got a handle on where to draw the line.

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But it’s not just graphic guy talk that I have reservations about. It’s all that awkward Facebook sharing that goes on. If there is one thing that should never have been invented it’s Facebook check-in’s and especially for those that do it at the local hospital. I mean, I don’t even have to say how I feel about that, do I? It’s just all a bit much, don’t you think? It’s not even what we share, it’s how much we are sharing. I think it devalues our lives and the moments within it. I’m learning not everything has to be documented and shared, even though the digital world wants us too. The constant uploads about absolutely nothing in particular. There’s just something so uneasy about knowing someone’s life story because it’s been plastered all over the internet. It’s a case of each to their own and everyone being entitled to their own opinions. I’m sure there is a view on what I decide to share on here, or my Instagram but there is a difference to being open yet being private.

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