Personally, I really like reading favourites posts. The kind where you can just park yourself on the edge of the bed for a second, cup of tea in hand and just casually scroll through something a little lighthearted. This usually happens after a long, hot bath. We’ve all been there, a towel wrapped around our bodies, plopped on duvet ready to endure 30 minutes of ‘I’m not ready to get dressed’ procrastination. Favourites posts should be irregular, here and there, put together spontaneously, this to me makes them far more genuine. Routine favourites are a no no, as I really love to share these with you when they’ve been making big collective appearances in the day to day. This is exactly what this post is. Knowing that I have been enjoying various little things lately, I had the urge to gather them all, line them all up as if they were my only prize possessions in life, and talk through them one by one, all in no particular order. A perfect hump day post, nothing too in depth, nothing overly emotional, just a little nod to some favourites of mine.  I hope you enjoy!


I guess I have never had a signature scent, I don’t have any emotional attachment to perfume, at all. Well, not for myself anyway. Although, when I was around 19 I used to wear Nina Ricci a lot, it was purchased for me by my boyfriends (at the time) mum, if I smelt that again it would almost immediately remind me of teenage heartbreak! But in general, a spritz of this, splash of that, I have never been all that fussed. Not like skincare for example, that I just can’t compromise. This all changed more recently when I caught a whiff a Burberry Brit Rhythm which happened to be on a day when the blossom had just started to make it’s appearance. Spring in the air, in the sky and right up my bloomin’ nose. I loved the scent. It’s quite floral but not heady, with a combination of English lavender and pink pepper, it’s a bit of me; girly but a bit of bite (cringe). So, it sits on my dresser, and I’m going to give this one a real whirl throughout the lighter months.

Hair Pieces 

I’ve fallen head, or should I say hair over heels with headscarfs, hair pieces, anything I can use to hide an utterly shit mid-week hair day. Which seems to be happening more often than not these days. Having a preference to an extra half an hour in bed than in front of the mirror, I’m leaving myself less and less time to get as presentable as possible in the mornings. I even sacked off my signature winged eyeliner for a week. You know whats coming. YOU EVEN OKAY HUN? Well, truthfully the answer is no, but this is not the blog post for that. Let’s keep it cheerful today. I picked up a few ‘designer inspired’ headscarfs from the wonderful shop-it-all app that is of course, eBay. Not only do I loop these around my unwashed ponytail, I tie them into bows on bags, use them as photography props. Whatever they are being used for, they just add a little somethin’ somethin’. Don’t you think?


If you follow my Instagram (if you don’t then boo you) you’ll already know that I’m a big fan of wrapping multiple pendants round my neck these days. I hate defining ‘style’ but I’ve always been on the verge of alternative when it comes to the kind of clothes that I like to wear. And then I had a real throwback moment when I saw pendants cropping up all over Instagram, and I just thought yasss. This is a little taste of fifteen year old me, living my best (dare I say it) chav days. We’ve all had it. I guess the kinder way to describe it, is the days that I basically used to dress exactly like Lily Allen, straight from her smile music video. This is all coming back around and I’m all for it. Missoma of course taking the credit for starting this trend again. Hoops, pendants, even better personalised pendants. I locked eyes on this little ‘e’ one from Topshop and I just found it totally adorable. I’ve worn it everyday since I purchased it, alongside my other pendants which you’ve probably already seen and then all paired with my tube gold hoops. Nostalgia at it’s finest!

So there you have it, three of my current favourites to share with you. Hope you enjoyed this little post, now get dressed you lazy lot!


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