‘Spring is in the air’

We all know that Spring is a questionable time of the year for Britain, especially when the weather man was still teasing us with that dreaded four letter word: snow. You even okay hun? I’m still skeptical of this heatwave we’re supposedly having next week. Believe it when I see it, babes. Although, it’s so time to welcome the lighter evenings with open arms, I know that I certainly will be. The clocks have gone forward which really means one thing… get yo’ shit together. No excuses for no’s. That applies to a whole heap of things; fitness, fun, friends. Anything goes. There’s something about a sprinkle of blossom that puts an automatic smile on my face, even if it’s something that for whatever reason I’m struggling to do. It’s a bittersweet feeling, letting go of duvet days but looking forward to golden hour gatherings. I always kick start Spring with a motivational motto. A go get em’ tiger kinda vibe.


01. Generally getting more done

When the evenings are lighter I generally get more done. The trickery that comes with it is indescribable, you just feel like you’ve magically got more time on your hands. Bonus! The best thing about this, for me, is driving home from work in the light and the mood that comes with it. The car karaoke moments that if anyone saw, would disown me. Although We’re all there together, right? I’ve definitely seem some questionable steering wheel staged dance moves in the cars next to me, all piling up on the motorway, distracting ourselves with the non-moving traffic jam. That dreaded commute in the dark absolutely drained me. Through the door, beans on toast, comfy bottoms and bed. I couldn’t bear to do much more. Fitness goes out the window, motivation is non-existent, don’t even bother texting me, I’m out. Now there is absolutely no excuse. Hopefully I’ll be churning out more blog posts. Writers block has put me out of the scene this past month or so. I haven’t had much to tell you, or nothing you’d care to hear. I just didn’t want to write for the sake of writing. It’s not me. I’d rather produce something I’m proud of. Of course, this is more of a catch up between just us. Hi! We’ll get to the good stuff in the next couple of weeks. Hold me to it, I dare you.

02. Well being comes first

Now, put the white wine spritzers on ice, because there’s no way in hell I’m giving those beauts up. Of course, when we feel happier, we take care of ourselves better. Mentally, and physically. Lighter evenings make for actually pit stoppin’ at the gym so much easier. Sure, a Bank Holiday weekend fueled by chocolate isn’t the best starting point but lets just park that for a second. The mentality to get fit sky rockets. This is where I make the most out of my gym membership. Give me all the salad, pass me the overpriced kale smoothies and watch me hit a spin class so quick I might actually take off the bike. I dunno what it is about warmer weather that just sets us up for a ‘get good’ mentality. Get fit, stop texting the fuck boys and just be happy. That last one, cling onto that shit right up until Christmas 2018 (won’t be long). Honestly, I’m just aiming to chill, go with the flow and make the most out of Spring/Summer. Obviously, if I fancy a trip to the Pancake Parlour, I won’t be restricting my tastebuds of this. All about balance, right?


03. Getting some skin on show

It’s a domino effect because I need everything up there to get to this one, but it’s time to fold up the jumpers. Golden hour is my absolute favourite past time. Those evenings spent with good friends, good drinks, good fucking times, all topped off with the sun setting warmly on your skin. Up and down with by body, as ever, I’m always learning to like (not love, not just yet) mine and this is down to a little bit of prep. A gorgeous tan, a new pretty little top, a poppy red lipstick. I’m doing whatever it takes to just start feelin’ myself. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you can slip, and loose a little of why you should be loving yourself. I have spoken about body confidence so many times. When it comes to warmer weather and all of the above, this one is easier to run with. Put on that lace see-through crop top, plaster those perfect pins over Instagram. It’s just skin, and we should all, with a little nudge, love the skin that we are in. I work in an office with the most wonderful women and we compliment each other daily. I’ve never been surrounded by so much positivity before. It’s the most refreshing feeling.


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