I’m writing this post from Amsterdam. Er-ma-gawd! I’m so happy to be here. I haven’t had a personal trip abroad in FOUR years. Four fucking years guys. Yep, I deserve this! So why are you writing a post on holiday, I hear you ask? Honestly, because I’m absolutely shattered. Physically and emotionally. Hands up, it’s been a tough couple of weeks. Work is nuts and trying to juggle every aspect of your life in and away from the office is sometimes tricky. Anyway, I’m here and I have two days of non-stop exploring so don’t worry about little ol’ me, I’m curled up in the biggest bed imaginable in the gorgeous W Hotel with a room service pizza on route and a large glass of red. Boy, this is bliss!


‘Travelling light’ is not a motto I tend to stick by. Two days here and I’ve crammed everything bar the kitchen sink into my suitcase. Woman’s prerogative, one might say? Although, when it comes to skincare, I’ve kept things limited. Lately, I’m really focusing on a regular skincare routine. This is really important for me right now as after a year off the stuff, I’ve just started a new contraceptive. This time, the mini pill which is new to me. Less hormones apparently, so less of the bat shit crazy or so I’m told (we can only hope).

There’s a few skincare saviours that I will always take with me, wherever I go! Introducing my top pick, a skin all-rounder. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is the nuts! It’s multipurpose and gentle on the skin. I have a real fear and hate for make-up wipes. I just don’t want to put my skin through that. I always, always, always make time to cleanse my skin, even double cleanse if I’m feeling generous. I have a handy little sample pot of this miracle balm that has lasted me blooming’ ages. It’s buttery soft, melts into the skin and best of all, removes all eye make-up. Coming from a girl that slathers on the eyeliner, thick and heavy, plenty of the stuff, it works wonders to remove! With the cleanse out the way, I could leave it there, I say could, I can’t. My newest tool of choice is the jade roller. Something I’m giving a good whirl, or roll more accurately. I can’t exclusively say this has changed my skin and left me glowing but it’s an additional step I’ve been enjoying. It’s very relaxing and if it is beneficial, then I’d rather spend half an hour before bed tending to this kind of scrollin’ over the Instagram kind. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this one! Finally, the holy grail on my product shelf. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid. This product has had mixed reviews amongst my girl gang but I have to admit, I’m fully obsessed. As mentioned, having been off the pill for so long, my hormonal skin came back with a bang. I felt 18 all over again. This stuff zaps, calms, and essentially dries out any nasties trying to surface. It just makes make-up application so much easier the next day. I slather this on most nights, even if my skin if relatively clear. I wouldn’t be without this product now and I really mean that, it’s a winner!

My Top 3 Travel Tips For Skin

  1. Keep a lip balm on on you at all times, it’s 85CFB8F9-D582-40E5-A48B-420896F262F0.jpega fantastic multi-purpose product. Pop onto the lips for the obvious, slather onto dry skin patches, or simply use as a quick fix highlighter to achieve a dewy on-the-go glow!

  2. Using lukewarm water on the face rather than hot will avoid drying out your skin. Once you’ve showered and lightly towelled off, apply moisturiser immediately to keep your skin feeling hydrated in over air-conditioned hotel rooms.

  3. Carry a face mask with you for long haul trips. This one is so needed. Skin, especially on the delicate face, can dry out so quickly when you’re away, so treat it to a hit of hydration with a nourishing face mask. Hotel time is ultimate pamper time! You deserve it!

Well, that’s about all I have time for, as my pizza is now calling me! A short but sweet post today. Expect the full low-down on my Amsterdam adventure soon!

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