The year has started off better than I could have ever hoped for. I even stated in a recent Instagram upload that 2018 is kickin’ 2017’s butt. It’s true. Something changed for me this year. I’ve relaxed, I’m not sweating the small stuff and with that said, I’m enjoying much more. I’m dating, I’m booking trips away with friends, I’m pushing myself at work, I’m going to gigs again, I’m doing me and being exactly who I want to be. To be frank, I’m feeling fucking fantastic. I’ve had moments already this year where I have truely thought, I have never been this happy. Not wanting to sound too pessimistic, I’m somehow waiting for the bubble to burst. But, It’s all finally clicked for me and that being life is exactly what you make of it.


The social media withdrawal 

I made a promise to myself in 2017 that I would take more regular time away from social media. I have done just that. My no social media Saturday rule is still very much in full swing and I feel so much better for it. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Instagram is a hot topic amoungst everybody these days, whether you love it or hate it, we all can’t resist it. The snoop, the comparing, the gratification you get from an upload. We all seem to keep going back for more. I took Instagram pretty seriously last year and whilst that has gone in my favour, I want to loosen the strings a little. Less strict, less scheduled content. This is why avoiding it at weekends has really been a blessing in disguise. No more walkin’ and scrollin’. High fives to going straight in for a big ol’ slurp of that coffee before snapping up a thousand been there done that potential ‘gram shots. I’m more connected to the ‘real world’ than ever before. I’m more aware, I’m noticing more around me. It’s actually worrying to think what I’ve been missing whilst being glued to a piece of Apple.

Cutting out the bullshit 

This has been a huge one for me this year. I used to be the ultimate people pleaser. I would put other people’s feelings before my own, I would get incredibly hung up on anything and everything negative anyone would say to me. I promised myself that this would change. It’s been a slow burner, ‘cause you can’t change your entire identity overnight. Although, I guess it’s not changing, because you are who you are, it’s just reacting differently to situations. I’m a sensitive soul, that will always be part of my make up but I’m learning to shrug things off, shake it out and not read into every little minor detail. Of course, I’m not talking cut throat, talk to the hand scenarios. I just refuse to entertain anyone’s roses really smell like boo-hoo garbage. Getting older puts everything into perspective, the things you have time for and the things you don’t. Two years off the big three-oh (oh shit) and I don’t have time for exactly that – heaps of stinkin’ bullshit. This attitude has come into practise quicker than I expected. Being back in the dating game comes with a strict no bullshit tolerance. I forgot how unnecessarily dishonest people can be. A few dates down and they pull the line ‘Oh, I’ve actually realised I’m just not really ready to date at the moment’ only to find they’ve popped up on Tinder again two days later. Dude, don’t flatter yourself. *eye rolls emoji*

Looking after myself 

Two nights-in-a-row weekend benders are a thing of the past. Em, we had some good times. A bunch of us partied incredibly hard over NYE, I’m not sure how we made it into 2018 alive and there are some ‘what happened in Scarborough stays in Scarborough’ moments that I’ll never forget. It genuinely took me a week to recover from all the drinking and debauchery. Trust me, you don’t even wanna know! Unfortunately, I’ve spent the majority of 2018 with an on and off cold, so I’ve been mindful that my body is not the same as when I was 18. I mentioned in my realistic resolutions that I wanted to get supplement savvy and I have been trying pretty damn hard to keep that going. Not one for being the best at taking daily tablets, I have been strict with knocking back a variety of vitamins. I have to say, I’ve definitely seen a change in my energy levels, something I’ll always be incredibly thankful for. If you want to know what I’ve been taking, then just refresh yourself with my realistic resolutions post here.

Surrounding myself with people I love

Similar to the cutting out the bullshit insert, time is precious and I’ve made an ode to spend it with those that want to spend it with me. It’s as simple as that. There is no excuse not to make the effort, a rule that really has no compromise in my opinion. I can count my closest friends on one hand. Sadly, some ‘friends’ didn’t cut the mustard last year and even more upsetting some even did things that are unforgivable. Numbers just don’t matter to me, what matters is the people that you can turn to when shit hits the fan, when you feel like you’ve lost the plot, when you just want to put the world to rights, chug back some vino and let them pop a smile back on your chops and most importantly, return the favour when needed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it time and time again, life is just too damn short to be spent hanging out with arseholes that frankly, you just can’t stand.

Well, I had a feeling that would be a chatty one once I got started. Enjoy your evenings my loves, and next week I urge you all to kick some ass!


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