Someone recently said to me if you stay in the same place you’ll never grow. Whilst attempting to be as open minded as I could with that, I couldn’t help but feel offended (and boy, did they know it). I tried not to overreact, I promise! It bugged me so much. What a naive thing to say. What’s so wrong in loving where you have lived your whole life? It’s not like I don’t leave the house, go on holidays or live my life to the full. I just choose to build my life where I feel comfortable, in a place that I know and love that makes me happy. ‘Oh, but you should live in London, you should travel before it’s too late’. Too late for what? Planes to suddenly become extinct? I work in London and whilst that’s great, I live in Hertfordshire which is a stones throw, it’s so close and I love that I can dip in and out when I please. Hertfordshire has memories for me, it’s nostalgic, it holds every part of my childhood. It’s familiar, friendly (mostly) faces. I want to be close to that and I may be biased but I’m incredibly fond of this place.


The only time I’ve decided to reside somewhere other than Herts was when I had a stint in Essex a good few years back. Admittedly, I moved there for a boy. Mistake number one. It was probably the worst decision of my life. I hated every moment. I was lonely, I was away from my family and friends. Sounds dramatic I know, especially with it only being a few hours down the road (at this point I couldn’t actually drive) but I felt so homesick. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t quaint, filled with cute coffee shops on every corner. Nope. It was unfamiliar. And whilst I tried incredibly hard to bear it, I just couldn’t. It was probably the main reason that relationship ended, amongst the usual tiresome shit that comes full steam ahead when they do start to breakdown. Alas, another story for another day (or not, in this case). It’s difficult to describe but I really enjoy my home comforts. This is not to say that I’m not impulsive here and there, outgoing, or enjoy discovering new places. I’ve just booked two trips for the year ahead, one to Paris and one to Berlin (recommendations highly appreciated). I also travel with work a lot, with my career taking me to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Dublin next month. The best part about of all these trips, is that they are temporary and I get to come home. That feeling when you get back to the comfort of your own home, familiar territory, make a very much missed cup of tea and sink into your own bed. To me, that’s sheer bliss.


A lot of my friends have and are travelling. I’ve got two gal pals in Aus and they are loving life! I’m so happy that they getting so much enjoyment out of exploring the world. I just know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable being away for so long. I met up with my friend Ben at the weekend who has also recently come back from a little globetrotting, shivering from tip to toe, England had hit him with a bang. Then there was me, gallivanting around my local cobbled streets in a rather Spring like blouse. I had picked up my usual bunch of flowers from the florist that morning, ready to be candidly snapped up with my outfit. Making a confession to Ben whilst he was shooting away, I said that I must spend about £50 on fresh flowers each month. That self proclaimed statement only validates everything I’ve said in this blog post. I took a step back and I thought to myself, it really is the small things in life that mean the most to me. I guess I never knew how much I enjoy an easy life. Wanting an easy life doesn’t make you any less adventurous, it just means you’re sure in what you do and don’t like. That for me is one of the most confident feelings you can feel.


My average weekend, in an honest admission, is very much the same. Give or take an impromptu plan or two (sometimes the form of a, usually unsuccessful, Tinder date) my Saturdays and Sundays tend to involve the following; an outing to my fave coffee shop to fuel up on flat whites and avo on toast, outfit shooting ready to bank for overly honest blog posts, belly laughing with friends, sleepovers with my niece, cleaning my room, tanning, washing my hair, shaving my armpits, picking up those all important overpriced flowers and if it’s been one of those weeks, a slurp of vino (or two). You know, all of the good stuff, the monotonous tasks and everything thrown in between. Life away from the uber glam Instagram photos is just me, living my best life in a town that I absolutely adore. Where’s the hurt in that, eh?


Photography by Ben.

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