The temptation to pick up THAT white striped knitted jumper from New Look is real. It’s cute, affordable and right on trend. I’ve seen it floating around Instagram, well actually, to be truthful it’s made an appearance on pretty much every bloggers feed. There’s something quite amazing about the powers of social media, the way it can circulate a product so quickly, put it smack bam into the social limelight and start a viral trend. Seems this New Look jumper is flavour of the month! Do I , don’t I? Alas, there’s something stopping me from jumping on this bandwagon.


So, whats the problem? Without any intention of offence here, and I say this in the kindest of ways but there are some trends I just don’t want to give into because the ‘gram tells me to. Of course, personal style is forever changing and evolving, being inspired by the trends of here and now will always have a huge part to play. I just get the feeling that Instagram is fast becoming a platform that says ‘you must conform’ and that doesn’t sit all that well with me. It’s powerful, it’s become so powerful, possibly too powerful. We’re forgetting about everything else that brings us a dose of much needed style inspo! Stepping out of my style comfort zone is something that I’m championing more than anything this year. Something I have already started to cover on the blog, which you can refresh yourself with here in my recent Breaking The Fashion Rules post. More so than ever I’m inspired by style thats individual, unique and fucking fearless. Owning what you’re wearing regardless of whether it’s ‘in’ or trendy should be supported more than it is. Being (as I often repeat) a self-labelled blogger (cringe) there is a pressure that comes with keeping up with the scene, the fashion and the fads that come with it. What happens if I don’t immediately charge into New Look, pick up that jumper and snap it up for the ‘gram. Do I loose my blogger stripes? If that’s the case, then perhaps I don’t want to play a part in this as much as I thought I do.


Dressing for you and only you is my number one 2018 mantra! Repeat after me; I dress for me and only me! There, that wasn’t so bad was it? I read something recently that really hit the nail on the head for me. Instagram, somehow overnight, has become Tinder but for the females, swiping and scrolling, rating outfits with a simple ‘yep, you deserve a like’. I fear it’s all becoming a little too competitive, don’t you agree? Admittedly, I’m more than guilty of this myself. The nights I’ve spent worrying, comparing, jumping in and out of pods, crying out for a little Insta attention. When I think back to what I used to wear before the likes of Instagram came along, my style was way more eclectic. I used to spend my Sunday’s trailing through the rails of vintage shops in Camden in search of hidden gems. Totally in awe of second-hand battered up band t-shirts. Then there was the charity shops! I had this obsession with hunting down pieces in charity shops, I’d buy dozens of adorable wicker baskets. Funny that, how they’ve come back into fashion but with a price tag that would take up your weekly, possibly monthly salary. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Wear whatever the fuck makes you feel good. Whether that be something that cost you a couple of quid or a couple of hundred. Style really is priceless if you feel a million dollars.



And then there’s boys. Can’t leave them out, eh? Oh, to find a male that can look beyond an outfit. The pressure to dress somewhat sexy, tip to toe in something skin-tight at all times. Because a quick trip to Aldi lookin’ fleeky AF is a must these days. It’s such a tiring process. The standard we have set ourselves. I bet you any money, I wouldn’t get one glance rocking my new favourite flares. I have said it before but I do own a fair amount of what us girls call man repelling pieces. Funky flares, mom jeans à la awkward camel toe, men’s oversized shirts, all topped off with the usual Sunday hairstyle of ‘can’t be arsed’ space buns. I’ve got a lot of guy mates, I hear a lot of the dreaded ‘girl chat’ fuelled over a few dozen beers and it’s been a long while since I’ve heard a guy speak fondly about a girl based on her super cool individuality over a comment on the size of her tits. Side note: if you want to rock something that does accentuate what your mama gave you (who doesn’t every now and then) please do but for the last time, do it for you, not for them!


As ever, before the preachers pipe up, I’m just speaking from my own experiences! I just want to open up a healthy discussion and actually, that’s really all I ever want to achieve on my blog. Just little ol’ me and my thoughts on the world. If you take anything from this blog post today, I want it to be a big slice of self-love and some serious appreciation for being you. You’re great!


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