Feeling the effects of Christmas, slipping into a cheese coma and rocking a post festivities gut, I have to say, lead me to loose a little of that spark when throwing on clothes this start of January. Forgive me PT, for I have sinned. Cheese, wine, cake, more cheese, prosecco and more wine. I indulged and my body, well it didn’t exactly thank me for it. Having a Regina George ‘sweatpants are the only thing that fit me right now’ moment, had me in a little what do i wear despair. My favourite skinny jeans were understandably a no-go zone! What was a girl to do?!


Furiously scrolling, searching, hunting online to find something, anything, which would a) fit me and b) still give off a lil’ touch of sass queen vibes (I wasn’t quite at bin bag stage) I found a piece that I instantly fell in love with. Not to my style, not to my usual taste but I was so so drawn to the most incredible pair of indigo blue, denim 70’s inspired flared jeans. I had to have them! Added to basket, straight through to PayPal with next day delivery selected, this girl was not messing about. If there is anything that I needed to ignite my love for fashion again, it was these beauties. No-one, I repeat no-one will stand in the way of a girl and her new fave clothing item.

2018 and I’m rocking flares, is a line I never thought would make the blog. But hey, who knew this could be my jam?! I wouldn’t say that I’m one not to experiment with style (references to Christmas tree green fur coat and all of the H&M garish tasseled earrings) but I have a comfort zone. Who doesn’t? Tiffany and I have a favourite line when it comes to picking style shots for the ‘gram and it’ goes a little like ‘that pic is pretty but that one is cooler’. More often that not, it’s a lot harder to go with the ‘cooler shot’ mainly in the fear that it’s a little out there or misunderstood (specifically by the male population). I have so many man repelling clothes; mom jeans, men’s shirts from ASOS and the new kicks on the block, my flares. These flares are way.way.way out of my style comfort zone but they make me feel amazing. I’ve haven’t felt that in a while. Who cares if I look like I’ve just filmed an episode of TV sitcom That 70’s Show, who bloody cares because I feel fab.


Personal style is a funny thing and I’ve touched upon it before here but I will always say that for me, my style depends on how I’m feeling at any given moment. It depends on my mood and my confidence. I used to always catagorise myself as a girl who only wore silver jewellery or placed myself in the skinny jean crew and so far this year I’ve proven myself wrong on both. As a self-labelled fashion blogger, I’m quickly learning that style has no rules, it doesn’t have to at all and I love that. You don’t necessarily have to have a specific day to day style identity. It’s okay to try new things, see what you like, dip your limbs into everything and anything. Sure, have your ultimate favourites hanging pride of place on your rail but be open to new garms, girl! If you saw my saved page on Instagram you would see a beautiful mish mash of women and men rocking all sort of crazy cool threads. This is what influences me, a touch of, well everything I guess!

Towards the end of 2017 I got a little style stuck, to put it mildly. Without digressing, I do want to just touch upon it lightly, I think it’s fair to admit that I lost a little of my individuality at one point. Not to fully blame social media because the likes of Instagram is a fantastic platform for so much good but sometimes without even realising it, I am lead down a path where I feel like I must follow the crowd. I dunno, for the first time ever I am out of clever, witty lines to put here, I’m just sharing honesty with you. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I want to be an advocate for being you, be confident with your quirks, your look, your style, your eyeliner, your orange eye-shadow, your band t-shirts, whatever makes you feel fucking great. Confidence is sexy. So, whether that be a designer bag thrown over your shoulders on Monday and then an ASOS own brand tote bag slung on your back the next (no connections to Craig David here) just run with it!


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