The clue is in the title! I’m going for realistic resolutions this year. I have said before that I’m a little uneasy when it comes to resolutions, the idea that we should change ourselves doesn’t sit well with me. I prefer the words; grow, develop, progress, learn. I recently made an ode to appreciating small gestures in 2018, which if you haven’t already read then you can do here and it ties in quite nicely with this follow up post. Life is fucking tough sometimes. So, I’m stripping it back for this one, leaving out the usual witty one liners and getting stuck straight into the resolutions, ’cause that’s what their all about, right? None of the fluff, just the intent.


Being a complete phone addict, this will be the biggie for me. My phone usage is 60% Instagram, 30% WhatsApp and 10% random google searches, mainly when I’m bored or hungover. I have no fear in sending Tiffany (as you all know by now my ultimate blogger bae and life coach) ten messages in a row. Are you going to the gym tomorrow? What did you have for tea? Shall we do a juice cleanse? Which picture should I post? Why hasn’t he texted me back in thirty seconds? It’s endless. I envy those that aren’t ‘phone people’. I truly do but I have to be, for my blog and for my job. I have an out of hours career, I have to have emails and so on accessible at all times. I can’t put a halt to it all but I can make a conscious effort to reduce how much I’m on my phone in the evenings and at weekends. Firstly, I’m setting myself a social media free Saturday rule, no posting and limited lurking. Then there’s the evenings to deal with. The cheeky ‘one last scroll’ in bed at 10pm whizzes by so fast and before I know it, I’ve eaten into some precious and well needed beauty sleep. Since moving back home to my parents I have struggled with sleep. My pattern has changed and with other people in the house, I just can’t drift off as easily as I used to. I’m making a vow to change my bedtime routine. No phones, more reading, more winding down and a whole heap of pillow spray. I’m giving Tropic So Sleepy Pillow Mist* a whirl. I’ll be sure to report back, don’t you worry.



I have a tendency to whinge quite a lot. I’m the first to complain when I’ve got a headache or my skin is breaking out. These daily, regular grumbles, I’ve noticed, all stem from similar things, one of them being something I’ve struggled to do. I should come with a label that reads: just add water. I don’t drink enough and I know it. When I hit the gym and I drench my body in water, I always come away feeling hydrated and happier. It also links to my top point in that drinking water reduces fatigue and increases energy levels, supposedly. If that’s the case then pass me the Evian stat!


Shall we do a juice cleanse was a genuine question/conversation exchanged with myself and Tiff. Well, they all were but this one in particular is more relevant as this is how we are starting our year. ‘I want to be healthy’ is such a cliche resolution for most people and whilst that is so on my radar too, I want to be a little more specific. With trips to the gym already in full force (catch up on my fitness journey here). In addition, I want to get more savvy about what I’m putting into my body, supplements in particular. I had a little over haul with my body this year. Coming away from the contraceptive pill has had a positive effect on my mind but it did make me struggle a little with weight. In an attempt to beat the bloat I starting taking daily probiotics which worked a treat but with a little research I’m sure I could be chugging back more. Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, even ‘happy pills’ (the legit ones over the counter, not from street corners) it’s all something I want to read into. If you have any recommendations for daily supplements then I would really, really love to hear them!


Yoga is something that I have really enjoyed doing this year. I have incorporated a few sessions into my work out routines and I also tried my very first hot yoga session. Boy, it was (as you’d suspect) hot, sweaty and actually, absolutely fab! Connecting to everything I have mentioned above, yoga puts me in a great place mentally. It’s also perfect for stretching out during the week when you’ve had enough of the hardcore stuff! So, this is something I would love to continue, and increase.


After reading You Do You* by Sarah Knight (which I finished in just two evening sittings) I realised very quickly that the best resolution we could all make is just do whatever the fuck (her words not mine) makes you happy. You’re you, be the best version of yourself, flaws and all. This book had me hooked. It was refreshing to hear somebody tell you that you’re unique, you’re doing just fine and life, well life isn’t worth sweating the small stuff over. If you want to feel a real sense of go get em’ tiger for the year ahead then this is the book you need to pick up. It’s honest, open, real and the language is pure filth, so naturally, it gets a double thumbs up from me.


What’s your resolutions for 2018?

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