‘You’re a dirty blonde’. Um, okay? Safe to say when I entered the Trinny London head office after having this shouted at me across the room, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Reassuringly, it all made sense pretty quickly. Happy to report that no, I was not having abuse thrown my way but I was in the process of having my very own Match2me personal colour profile consultation. Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it’s sounds. Trinny London has a simple yet ever so effective concept. Beauty products, tailored to your complexion, all in handy stack pots to bring along wherever your busy schedule takes you. How amazing is that?


As I mentioned, all products are stored in stack pots which quite simply, can be stacked on top of each other. Fantastic for a clutter free vanity table and then great for throwing in your handbag for all important post-lunchtime touch ups. There is everything available that you need to create a full face of make-up that is as subtle, or if you wish as intense as you like. That’s the best part about these products, they are all cream based so perfect for blending and building to your own face taste. Skin, cheek, lip and eye products all available in shades to suit you. If you want to build your own Match2me profile, then just click here!


When it comes to make-up for the most anticipated night of the year, I always crave glowing skin. Of course, paired with an appropriate gorgeous glitter eyelid and a glass of fizz in hand, I’m happy. For me, it’s all about the skin. Post-Christmas skin can be a nightmare to work with but I have found a few new skin saviours. The only product from the Trinny London range that doesn’t come in a pot is the BBF Cream SPF30 Skin Perfecter. Time for some real talk. I’ve tried a bundle of primers, tinted moisterisers, under skin treatments, whatever you want to call them, whatever is piled onto the counters these days and nothing has impressed me like this product has. It’s my new favourite! I use it on it’s own on a gym day and under my foundation when needed. It does exactly what the name says. It perfects my skin, reduces redness, evens out skin tone, immediately perks up tired skin and gives it a much needed glow. I’m sold! If you want to add this to your on-the-go stack then you can, as a bonus it comes with a spare pot for decanting. Is there anything this brand hasn’t thought about? Another favourite from the range is the Right Light Highlighter. I’m a sucker for a highlighter and I do usually sway to powder but in the spirit of trying something new I have been reaching for this more often than not. For me, cream highlighters are tricky to work with as they just move around your perfectly applied foundation. Not this one! It’s light enough to give just the right amount of shine just where you need it. Paired with the Skin Perfecter, these two are perfect partners in beauty crime!



As a social media guru, addict and specialist myself I couldn’t write this blog post without a pat on the back for the marketing of this brand. The products steal the limelight, of course but I’m a firm believer in not picking up a product if I don’t know what the heck to do with it. This is where social media can play such an important part for a brand, platforms such as Instagram give you the tools to market the products in a visual yet informative way. Trinny London maximise the video opportunity here and I absolutely love that. Quick and cute videos of the team applying their favourite products give a real personable touch to the brand, something I’m a big advocate for.

By the way, if you’re thinking that Trinny London sounds familiar, it’s exactly what you are thinking. Founded by Trinny Woodall from our nostalgic TV years where she starred alongside Susannah in What Not To Wear. I had the pleasure of meeting Trinny on my trip to the head office, which I just have to tell you was located in a gorgeous town house. It was literally just like a working home from home. Incredibly cosy, with a very energetic team and Trinny was a total dream. Approachable, interested and so easy to talk to. We spoke about our love for beauty over white wine so as you can imagine, she had me at drink, darling? She spoke about beauty and skincare with honesty and passion, she revealed her secrets and championed other brands, something that really impressed me and I found it so refreshing.

If you’re looking for a new brand to get your make-up brushes stuck into then Trinny London is so worth a go. There’s a product for everyone to love!

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