It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year and I’m physically and emotionally knackered. Not quite the blog post full of festive cheer you were more than likely expecting. Ever the realist. Don’t worry, I’m writing this with a glass of fizz in my hand, as appropriate as ever.


I’ve always been your ‘live life to the full’ kinda gal, an outgoing, full speed ahead, intense, passionate extrovert. I don’t know how to stop and I don’t know how to say no. I’ve been off work since the 14th December doing all the usual build-up festivities such as shopping, socialising, gatherings, lunches, brunches, you know the ones. Of course, I’ve had the most wonderful time with family and friends. Flaunting my best life and trying to keep up with all the expectations of what Christmas should feel and look like, or at least what we are told to believe it should look like. At every given moment I’ve committed to doing which made me realise that If i’m not doing something I get instant fomo or I simply feel guilty of wasting a moment. But, it’s all caught up on me. I think we’re a generation that thrives off of those big moments. Seasonal holidays, outings, days out, nights out, all of the super big planned events that at the end of it all, zap our energy. It’s always got to be something. Something better, something bigger. Counting the days up until the big schedule, putting aside the opportunity for everything we seem to miss in between. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be doing these things, absolutely not, we should enjoy whatever feels right and I’m just recommending balance and rooting for more smaller gestures, especially over the big ones. I’m focusing on the little things and the daily enjoyment that this brings.



The other day I had to do a Christmas Eve dash into town. I had a few last minute Christmas presents to pick up. Sandwiched in the crowds of frantic people running around, pushing and shoving, carrying bags of endless presents. It all felt a bit much. It all felt a little I can do it better and I can buy more than you. None of it sat right with me and I took solace in a simple coffee stop. A breather over a flat white! Ah, bliss. I tell you now, I enjoyed every single sip of that drink. I took comfort in some much needed respite and a moment of reflection. It didn’t cost me much and it only took ten minutes out of my day but that cup of coffee gave me a much-needed moment to myself and genuine happiness. It’s a caffeine hit that my friend at work recommended over my usual sugar fueled vanilla latte and I have to say, I’m sold. Sometimes, it really is the little things that count. Just think about it, the new discoveries you make however little or small, the favourite things you love to do that never get old. We don’t champion these moments enough. A well deserved Saturday cup of coffee, a quick trip to my local florist to replenish my bedroom flowers, a new Baylis and Harding Eton Mess scented shower gel, a family photo, the strawberry flavoured quality street, there has been lots of little things that have put a genuine smile on my face this week.


Christmas time seems to give everybody that warm and fuzzy feeling and so it should, it’s lovely, it’s more importantly a great time for the little ones within the family. But, Christmas isn’t always the best time for everybody. Speaking from a personal level, each year there seems to be more and more riding on it. I’ve had my moments, in a Bucks Fizz slur where I have so desperately missed those that aren’t here to share the festivities and make new memories with. It’s these times that I honestly just think think fuck the presents, fuck the hysteria and excuse my French but fuck scrolling on Instagram to compare what I’m doing to everybody else. It’s so important that we are all a little kinder, a little softer. We slow down, enjoy moments, take time for one another. With all of this being said, I really want to advocate this all year round. I want my resolutions for next year to be simple ones. I don’t have any need or desires to pile on anymore pressure, or indulge in grand gestures. I’d just like more simplicity, more love, more happiness, more of those ‘everyday’ moments that bring us joy.

So, from me to you, I’m wishing you all a positive 2018.

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