If you asked me a couple of years ago to list my top five interests then fitness would have never made the cut. Not in a million years. It all began for me when I started my London life career almost two years ago. Firstly, the beauty industry makes you look at yourself in ways you never thought imaginable, picking and poking at every little detail. To be completely brutal, it can be a savage industry. I try my hardest not to let it phase me to the point of total despair but being a female and naturally having body woes, it didn’t exactly help. So, as you do, I followed the lead of my blogger bestie who introduced me to a place I had never entered before; the gym. At the time we car shared, so I could pop along with her to show me the ropes. I’m glad to say that this has continued and it’s something I really enjoy. I’ve been attending classes for the past year; spin, body combat, yoga. I prefer classes, anything I can do in a group which makes me feel like I’m in a fitness ‘safe place’. I have also found that there are more benefits to be had, beyond the body, that come from regular exercise.



Being impressed with the positive effects of attending the gym just a couple of times a week, I wanted to take things up a notch. I was in a happy (ish) place with my body but there was always room for improvement. There always is room for improvement. What female is ever going to be completely happy with her body? My proportioned perky b-cup boobs and my fairly flat arse just won’t do. I’d give anything more of a female figure. I love women with curves! I’m slim, petite and curveless, so I really wanted to work on giving my body a little appeal, it was time to get squatting. To achieve this, I roped in a personal trainer. It took me a while to get into the swing of things with my pt, quite literally, dumbbells and all. At the start I didn’t really take it seriously. I’d just continuously ask; why haven’t I got abs yet? Which always lead to a rather sarcastic response of ‘when you start doing some work’. I mean, fair. It even got to the point where I had to start keeping a food diary. This was an interesting one. I didn’t realise he meant EVERYTHING. I ‘accidentally’ missed out a few liquid lunches on that list. Wine isn’t technically food, is it? I attend a weight training gym for my training sessions, so initially I was scared shitless of everyone around me. Building trust and most importantly, incorporating heaps of banter into our sessions have made me feel far more at ease. It’s also quite handy when your personal trainer is rather attractive, it definitely makes you work just that extra bit harder. Not that I would want him to know this, he’s an arrogant sod at the best of times. Soz Joel, you know it’s true.



Something I noticed much quicker than the physical effects of hitting gym, was a mental one. My state of mind felt so much more clearer, relaxed even. Unloading a stressful day the gym does wonders. Best of all I like to thrash out a spin session on a Friday evening straight after work, which means I can enter the weekend in a positive frame of mind. I’ve always suffered a little bit with highs and lows in life, something I haven’t really covered on this blog as it’s probably the most personal topic of them all but I’ve found a way to control this through exercise. A lot of people I know use the gym as a platform to distract from the day to day and release any anxiety they’ve been carrying around with them. There’s something so rewarding about completing a gym session. It’s well worth a pat on the back, which is a great way to give yourself some deserving self-love.



It wouldn’t be a blog post from me without a little real talk. I want to express, very importantly, that the gym has not taken over my life. I am not a fitness junkie, expert or addict. I’m just your regular twenty something girl who still enjoys a glass (bottle) of wine and the odd (regular) takeaway. I said it to my PT and I’ll say it on here, I cannot and will not give up the luxuries in life such as a cheeky Sunday funday cocktail or a bag of chunky chips from Fred down the local chippie shop but I am willing to compromise.


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