I’ve never really been a fan of dresses, let alone party dresses. Truthfully, they’re not to my personal taste and not really suited to my body shape. I so desperately envy ms legs eleven who can sport a gorgeous mini dress and of course, why shouldn’t she! I’m not comfortable with labels, the thought that you should be one or the other when it comes to style. For the sake of making this blog post easier, if someone held a fashion gun to my head and forced me to categorise myself, I’d be forced to claim that my style was a mix of indie and edgy, if at all possible. I’ve always been inspired by the simple yet classic style of Alexa Chung, spiked with a touch of glamour rock from my teenage heroine, the one and only Debbie Harry. With all of this said, you’ll never find me without a pair of gold hoops dangling from my ears and on weekends I live in trainers and Calvin Klein’s. This is the main reason I don’t like to slap a label on myself. The thought that any of this makes a difference to anything. I digress, but it needs to be said that style is individual, it’s personal and by my books it can be whatever you want it to be. Just no dresses, hence the title for this entire blog post.


If you follow me on Instagram (if not then let’s change that here) you’ll have probably already seen many of my stories, in my repetitive mirror selfie situation, showing off my Saturday night attire. I’m a big skinny jeans fan. They’re a perfect mixture of comfort and skimpy. Get the right pair and they cinch you in most importantly, in all the right places. Still to today I lust over Sandy from Grease, although she favoured a more dominatrix version, the skin tight look has always been one I’ve favoured. I feel my best when I love what I’m wearing and I have to say there is nothing more sexy about feeling comfortable, and it always shows. If I can’t rock my look then I don’t feel right and worst of all, I become uncharacteristically shy. And this, well this just won’t do! Nights on the tiles are made for flirting! Eye contact and dance floor hip action, that’s always on the agenda.


To my own admission, being a real life hobbit, I do struggle to find a great pair of jeans. Being put off by the price tag at the Topshop petite range and making money at my 5ft 1 inch expense (they add on an extra couple of quid for LESS material, cheeky sods) I’ve been testing the ASOS own petite denim range. I had a pair delivered to work just in time for our Christmas party that night. I tried them in instantly, a quick trip to the women’s loos, as you do. Directing catwalks down the middle of our office is a skill I should add to my CV. My colleague instantly thought they were of the more expensive Topshop kind. My job was done, a rather sleek black pair, at half the cost. So I threw on my latest denim addition for the annual Christmas party and grabbed myself a glass of fizz. Ideally I’d throw on a band t-shirt and be on my merry way but wanting to match the effort my colleagues made, I paired the jeans with something a little more feminine. This girl can sport a floral, if she must.


Similar to me, if a party dress just seems to daunting for such an occasion then pretty blouses and skinny jeans are an alternative option for dressing, well alternative (there’s that bloody label again). If you’re feeling a little more daring than me, then light wash skinny jeans look even better than black in my opinion. If you’re reading this as a fellow petite friend then I’ve compiled my favourite denim finds below including a little Topshop for good measure (if your budget can stretch, I mean a girls got prosecco to get through, right?).

If it’s your Christmas party this weekend, or even next week then have lots of fun, be safe and just remember, what happens at the Christmas party stay as the Christmas party!

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