The Christmas Day make-up ritual is something that excites me year after year. The prospect of getting all dolled up simply amplifies my Christmas cheer. A sprinkle of sparkle, a touch of glitz, I welcome this all with open arms. I also salute the pj crew, the ones who take Christmas with a big gulp of chill pill. For me though, I do want to spruce up with my brand new, freshly opened beauty gifts from loved ones (not before a traditional ‘look what I got’ snap for the gram of course). There’s something about a sweet smelling shower on Christmas morning, a cocktail of various shower gels all pulled straight from the stocking! I like to layer on a little glitter to my nails and sweep on a classic red lipstick, all finalised with a pair of sassy new earrings no doubt.

‘A red lipstick is for life

not just for Christmas’

As I mentioned, a red lip is essential for me and more on my favourite lip smackers below! But, before I apply lashings of the stuff, a red lip is best paired with an accessory or two. Not one for accepting that a perfectly puckered up festive pout is a look in itself, earrings are always a fail-safe for when seeking that all important ‘bolder is better’ look. I have to admit, my earring collection has become rather extensive this year, adding in plenty of new additions to the mix. Pretty studs, hoops, anything tasseled, silver or gold, I want the lot. I’m actually on the hunt of a pair of something seriously sassy and star shaped and I think I’ve found the perfect place to get my hands on them. Warehouse have compiled a lovely list of stocking fillers, with affordable gift suggestions such as scarfs, socks, wallets, hats, key-rings, hairbands and of course, the piece in question, earrings! Which ones will make the Christmas Day cut you ask? Well, I’ve handpicked my favourite from the list, just take a look for yourself here. There’s still time to order filler gifts for loved ones. I like to buy little additions to keep the momentum going, prior to the big gift reveal! Best of all, if you’re about that one for you, one for me vibe (I completely support treating ones self during the festive season) then just like my pretty jewelled purchase, a reminder from me to you, don’t forget to spoil yourself. You deserve it!

Back to the all important beauty regime. With earrings dazzling, it’s time to finish off with a pop of colour. I’m a fan of various red shades, anything that screams ‘meet me under the mistletoe’.


I’ve always been fond of a matte lip over anything else and it’s fair to say, it’s kind of my thing. I rock a red lip on near enough a daily basis. Any of the matte lip cream formulas get my vote, my favourites being from Bourjois and NYX. These high street brands are not be knocked, the lasting power is second to none. If you are looking for something a little more vanity table friendly then indulge in Charlotte Tilbury. That packaging looks good anywhere. It’s a beauty dream come true. I am a lover of the Matte Revolution Lipsticks, and ones I will repeat buy time and time again are; Red Carpet Red, Tell Laura and Shanghai Nights (limited edition).

Then there’s a nod to all the lost lipsticks who deserve a memorable mention. You know the ones I mean. I’ve woken up many times after a night out, coordinating the frantic handbag check; phone, purse, keys. Oh wait, oh no, it’s gone! The infamous missing Mac Ruby Woo, no doubt lonely on some club bathroom floor. We’ve all been there..

So there you have it, a Christmas Day beauty low-down, all with a strong nod to the (in my opinion) must-have festive red lip. I’m always open to suggestions, so if there is a brand and a product or shade that I’ve yet to get my hands (lips) on and you’ll think I’ll love, hook a gurl up!!

Side note – this post includes sponsored content although all thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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