It’s fair to say that my blog, and my Instagram, wouldn’t be much without a little helping hand. A lot of the credit should really go the lovely ladies that help me shoot; night, day and more often than not, in the pissing rain.

There is so much more to it all than simply taking a photo. Long gone are the similarities to say a quick family snap; out of focus, slightly blurred, wonky and worst of all, closed eyes. That just wouldn’t do, and it certainly wouldn’t make a spot on the ‘gram. A style shoot is complex to say the least. The outfit, the location, the blur, that all important depth of field and of course the camerawoman to capture it all. Roping in comrades to take some snaps is a selective process because I’ve learnt that it all takes practice, from my side and theirs. The angles, the light, I hate to be fussy but it all matters. I remember my first ever style shoot. Prancing around on my local industrial estate in January, tarted up in a t-shirt and leather skirt, freezing my tits off and from memory, standing as rigid as a robot. I’d love to know who witnessed that on the CCTV the next morning. Fucking hell. I was such a joke.


 I’m very lucky that I have a selection of ladies to help me out in a photo crisis, when I need to snap up a little number. They all deserve a shout-out, not just for their skill but for their patience too! Oh just another, maybe kneel down a little, can you just stand in the road for a second, a couple more, can you come a bit closer? Diva or what?!


My right arm in this whole blogging game. Real talk! The girl that’s got my Insta back. The only person that understands my 11pm WhatsApp rants about how disgusting I think my Instagram feed looks. If anyone read back our conversations, they’d lock us up. The hours we’ve spent talking, comparing, bitchin’ about our blogs. We’re equally as nuts in this department. But, I have to say she gets the gold medal. She’s an absolute pro at shooting me now. She’d blow her own trumpet with this one, and rightly so. She just knows what I like and best of all, I feel totally comfortable around her. Whether it’s casual, sporty, a bit sexy, whatever vibe I want to capture in that shot, she nails it every time. Tiffany Tales is my blogging side-kick and I want the whole word to know it. She’s a social media life saver and I genuinely wouldn’t be able to do this all without her.


I had my first shoot with a pro last week. It was so daunting. I was waiting for Stacey in a coffee shop and within five minutes of her arriving I had taken a pee three times. I was so nervous to shoot with firstly a complete stranger and two a girl with some seriously impressive camera kit. Would she like my outfits, would she even like me?! Stacey made me feel at complete ease. She was a little camera karate kid, jumping in the road, laying down on the floor, she did everything she could in her power to get the perfect shot. Best of all, she understands this crazy world, taking photos is her job and it was refreshing to be with someone who wasn’t judging me. We chatted, took pictures and actually had a genuine laugh together. I adored her work and was so pleased with the outcome. If you’re a fellow blogger then I would highly recommend booking a shoot with Stacey, I put a few pieces of her work in my latest blog post here.


More of a recent recruit, my mum, bless her cotton socks, helped me snap up my outfit at the weekend. Appreciating that it’s not always possible to shoot every weekend with the regulars, I looked to my own mother for some blogging support. She sort of gets it, she just smiles and says ‘I’ll try my best’. She’s adorable really. My best friend in the entire world. She didn’t do too badly. I’ll turn her into a pro in no time. I repaid the favour with a cheeky mulled wine. I think she felt like it was a fair deal, thankfully.


If i’m feeling really desperate (no offence) I’ll ask whoever I’m out with that day. Friends, work mates, they’ve all had a go with the ol’ Canon. The easiest way for this to go smoothly is to get them to stand in the position you are about to, take a quick shot of them to show exactly how you want that photo to look like. More often than not, they’ll be something there to use. Some of them, bless ‘em, even make a little cheer with their pics make it onto the all important Insta feed. I can completely appreciate it’s not in everyone’s interest to do this so I’m so thankful when they do step up to the challenge. Some people just don’t get it, and that’s cool. Especially when I’m strutting around my local village, I’ve put the embarrassment aside but others might not feel as at ease.

Until I find myself the ultimate Instagram husband, these beauts will do for now 😉

How lovely of you to drop by!

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