As most of you have gathered through various blog posts and social media, I have moved back to the family home, all in favour of having a little extra cash in the back pocket. As much as this has faired an all round great decision, it does come with a few niggles. One of them being the lack of space to freely blog, which I say in the kindest of ways. I’ve got the box room – fine. It’s quaint, cosy and great for formalities such as sleeping and most importantly, kicking back and binging on Netflix (I’ve joined the Peaky Blinders hype and by that, I mean the Thomas Shelby hype *swoons*). It does however, sometimes feel a little claustrophobic. It’s not the best at supplying a ‘working space’, something in which I had bundles of back at the house I rented all on my todd. Why don’t you just blog in another room you ask? Again, in the kindest way possible, whipping up a blog post sat next to the rents watching a crappy episode of Coronation Street, dad moaning the whole way through it and mum furiously shouting at the dog for repeatedly jumping up on the sofa just doesn’t quite cut it for me. I’m pretty firm when it comes to separating the working space to the sleeping space. Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need.

So, in search of a space to work, breathe and on occasion slurp on a glass of wine (always helps me to blog better, believe it or not) I found a rather lovely little spot in which I have been returning to for the past four weeks. There is something about the space in which you work that in turn benefits what kind of content you produce. A hub of inspiration and activity always gets the juices flowing. Plus, I’m a total people watcher. Hands up! I even get inspiration from that. Anything I see that I can turn my hand to writing about is a bonus.

I seem to have got myself a little routine going at the moment. My favourite little coffee shop to hot spot, something warm to keep me fueled (I’m addicted to hot chocolate at the moment) and something sweet to keep me going. I have to many a confessions, I had my first mince pie pre-December. Don’t judge me, I just couldn’t help myself. They’re actually one of my favourites and if I could eat them all year round I would. Best of all, I do think this little stint of blogging away from the dreaded four walls has it’s positives. I’ve definitely felt far more motivated with blogging and I’ve got content scheduled for the first time in a long time.


To celebrate my blogging on the up again, I thought I would run a little giveaway! Who’s in? I’m giving away two rather stylish monochrome cases kindly gifted to me from CaseApp. Both to suit the Iphone 8 plus, if you want to get your hands on one of these beauts then pop over to my Instagram page for more details!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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