We all know that what we share on the internet is a rose-tinted, perfectly polished version of ourselves and our lives. Reality being, no-one wants to see a Friday night me, two glasses of wine down, sprawled on the sofa watching Gogglebox, all with a dollop of tikka masala takeaway splattered down my pj top. At the same time, it’s the version of me that is probably the most relatable, even if nobody wants to admit it, let alone show it. I regularly make light of my life in the office at work, poking jokes at myself on how dreadful my bank account looks, how I am so desperately single and how I am pretty much hungover on a rolling Sunday basis. Everyone has a good laugh and nods away in agreement, giving me the satisfaction that I’m not completely hopeless at life.


Over the past couple of months I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to blogging, specifically in relation to the kind of ‘blogger’ that I want to be, the type of content I choose to share and most importantly how I want to be perceived on the internet. Blogger is still a term, by the way, that I get asked on the regs a blogger what now? After two years of plugging away at this blogging thang you’d think even my mum had got her head around it by now (side note: she hasn’t). Worst of all I still get the high school lurks, past ‘friends’ creeping on my Instagram feed (thank you Insta stories for enlightening me on this) and probably taking the piss out of me behind my back (thanks Hun). Putting a label on what I do still feels uncomfortable to a certain extent. In reality I’m just a normal girl (questionable some might say) with a full-time job and a life of her own that sometimes likes to take pictures and create content on the side. The lifestyle elements of my content being focused on my honest thoughts, feelings and admissions, all washed down with the odd f-bomb here and there (keeping it real in that sense) and then there’s the style posts, which I absolutely love love love sharing with you all. I’m firm with my content, I wouldn’t want to share anything that I didn’t think felt valuable to somebody. Of course, some posts more detailed than others, some more serious than most but it’s all carefully crafted in a way that I’m not just blathering on about mindless shit that I wouldn’t want to read myself.

‘Strive for progress,

not perfection’

Being completely honest my perfectly planned Instagram grid is somewhat deceiving, in fact worlds apart to the chaos of a Monday morning me, frantically speeding down the A1 with half dried hair, unfinished make-up and a three day empty tank of petrol. Petrol roulette seems to be my favourite game to play these days. If anything, the only part of my life that I seem to ‘have together’ is the pretty posts that go up on Instagram, on time, everyday, without fail. Funny that! It all seems so contradicting. This is the reason that I striving to share more relatable content with you all.


I’m suppose what I’m trying to get across is that what you see (read) is what you get. And I hope, I really hope that I’m coming across (as close as humanely comfortable) to how you would find me if we bumped into each other on the street, f-bombs and all!


Style shots captured by Stacey White Photography.

Faux fur coat and baker boy cap both River Island.

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