Every blogger and her bestie have jumped on the blazer bandwagon (too many b’s to get your chops around there). Not overly comfortable, as you all know, with following the crowd too quickly I must admit I have to give into this trend myself. I’m really enjoying throwing a blazer over a casual look. Paired with jumpers and converse, this is something I can seriously get on board with.


I spied a rather affordable little number the other day. Always on the hunt for a bargain I was rather chuffed with this one! I’ve been a little in awe of the style gems I’ve been picking up down the supermarket lately. Supermarket, did she say? Yes, you heard me right. Similarly, to my gorgeous red coat which was a total steal, more on that here, I went back to Tesco for round two of supermarket sweep should we say. This lovely, subtle check blazer is also from the F and F clothing range at Tesco. I popped this up on the ol’ gram and mentioned that it was under £20 and all my friendly style babes went wild. £20 handed at the counter and enough change back for a quick cuppa in the in-store Costa, I was overjoyed with my purchase. I parted with a reasonable £18 for this clothing piece! *woo*



Price factor obviously being the biggest selling point in this piece. There are a lot of blazers circulating the web right now, plastered all over Instagram and included in various style blog posts. Majority of them being slightly overpriced for me. Happy to part with my cash for a piece that I love but when it comes to blazers, I can’t guarantee how long this phase is sticking around for. Plus, with it getting increasingly colder here in the UK day by day, I can only see a few weeks blog life left of these bad boys. I can’t justify overpaying on a piece that won’t make more than a couple of appearances.


Always one for being completely transparent with you all, please bear in mind that at £18 you’re getting exactly what you are paying for. Although I have referenced it as a blazer due to the shape, style and feel of the piece, it’s self-labelled as a ‘boyfriend jacket’ which is a little more accurate as it is not lined inside. So, as have I, worth pairing with a chunky knit as you won’t be getting much warmth from this one.


So there you have it! My style secret revealed and whilst I’m being overly generous with the whereabouts of my bargains, this little number has just dropped into the sale for £9. Don’t say I don’t do anything for you lot. Order yours online here. Alternatively, I’ve put together some even more affordable options below. Enjoy!

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