When it comes to putting an outfit together for the day ahead whether that be for a style shoot, a family occasion or simply a coffee catch-up, I sometimes find mulling through the wardrobe can be somewhat of a tiresome process. Even if there is plenty to pick from, old and new combined, the idea of putting together a tip to toe #ootd can be quite a  daunting process if you are lacking some serious style inspiration. I spoke recently about affordable style and revamping pieces that have been hanging in the wardrobe for season after season, falling in love with your threads all over again is a really good place to start. I also believe that finding outfit inspiration away from Instagram and the likes of Pinterest would do us a world of good. Put aside the repetition, it’s time to hit refresh on the ol’ style situation! Sometimes, it’s so nice to step away from the blogger cliché, right?


The idea for this post came to me after a trip to River Island’s Style Studio within the flagship London store. A place that I have been to before and blogged about before. If you’re not familiar with the concept then have a little nose at my previous post here and get yourself up to speed! Essentially, it’s an awesome hang-out where you can visit, sit, chill, kick back, relax and ultimately be dressed by your own personal stylist, all made even better with a glass of fizz in hand might I add (always a bonus for me). This set-up is something that appeals to me greatly! What I noticed more than anything this time around on my second visit, even more than the wracks of clothes (surprisingly) was my surroundings. Of course, trying on an array of clothes is a absolute dream but it was obvious that the Style Studio was made for more, it was adorned with inspiration ready to inject into the selected outfits. Colours, textures, patterns, furnishings, grand decor, magazines, a stunning bar stacked with super pretty trinkets, there was plenty to be in awe of! Being in an environment filled with so much inspiration made the process of picking and pairing pieces together so much easier, smoother, natural even. Conjuring up new combinations came easily, clashing patterns felt right, the space was a total style comfort zone, ushering you to try new things without a ‘right or wrong’ outcome. A mix of stripes and dots? Sure! I feel like this is something that River Island does very well. On top of the trends but spiked with their own touch; bold colours, print mixes and serious statement pieces.


When you think about it, style inspiration is all around us. We perhaps just don’t associate with anything out of the style spectrum in that way. We should! We should open up our mind to a little more and look beyond the daily Instagram hashtags. Take elements from the day to day that inspire you; your local coffee shop with the cool gold etched hanging lights, an article you see in a magazine on the tube journey splashed in a clash of pink and red, a terracotta plant pot on a trip to Ikea contrasted with it’s gorgeous vibrant fresh greenery to suit. Draw inspiration from unlikely places and see what you come up with!


 Where do you look for your daily dose of outfit inspiration?

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