Let me set the scene for you. Six women, one marketing office and some hot off the press news coming in our way. This can only mean one thing; shrieking! (and lots of it). When the email of dreams pops into Outlook with the title Birchbox x Vogue, we know immediately it was a collaboration worth celebrating. You may have seen the Instagram Stories I decided to bombard you with from the pop-up store they beautifully and cleverly organised on the very stylish street of Carnaby in London. It was total bliss!

I’ve admired Birchbox for years, even outside of the workplace and having signed up to the beauty box subscription myself, I already knew the deal. But, to give you the low-down (in short) you get the following; five (sometimes more) deluxe beauty samples, all tailored to you based on a form you fill out upon subscription, all delivered to your door step in the cutest box (perfect to keep for storing all sorts of things beauty, skincare, hair care etc) for a very reasonable £10. Each month, a different collaboration or theme is presented by the beauty gurus for all your Instagram pleasures (needs). So what’s so special about this one? Well, this one has made it onto the ol’ blog because admittedly I’m biased, working behind the scenes for one of the brands included within the box this month I felt I had to shout about it, however it really is the most-talked about beauty box in town right now. Why? One word; Vogue. A Birchbox inspired collaboration with Vogue to me, is what coffee is to a Sunday – totally ideal. Experts collide, giving you the beauty box of dreams.

‘When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner, I just felt that it fed me more’.

Carry Bradshaw, Sex & The City.

Professional spray-tanner to the stars, expert within the beauty field and I say this one proudly, good friend of mine James Read wholeheartedly deserves his spot in the beauty box, which celebrates Vogue’s 100 Beauty Hall of Fame. Having mastered his spotlight moments with Vogue years ago, it’s the perfect fit. As much as being biased, as I said before, does come into it I have to say that Sleep Mask Tan truly is a beauty force be reckoned with. A promoter of tanning and skincare combined, if you are looking for a little glow laced with a squeeze of hyaluronic acid then this product will give you your fix. Award-winning, top selling and by my admissions, repeated use time and time again, it’s a product you have to try if you haven’t. I’m sure you’ll be as obsessed as I am.


With the promo praise out of the way, naturally, I’ll move onto a few of the other brands I got to try within the box. Hoola who? Nope, I don’t believe you haven’t heard of this one. Hoola bronzer from Benefit, similarly to Sleep Mask Tan has definitely earnt it’s hall of fame beauty stripes. It’s the perfect product to bronze up your complexion and thinking about it, paired with the Sleep Mask Tan you’ll be embracing a much-needed pre December glow in no time! Something else that deserves a little shout out is the Bumble and Bumble Prep for hair. Claiming to detangle locks whilst adding lustre and shine, I have to say it did tick those boxes for me. Not one to obey the hair rules, opting for a blonde do throughout the winter months has ultimately forced me up amp things up within the hair care department!

So there you have it, the beauty box run down! Of course, if you want more than my word, simply click on over to the box makers themselves here!

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